How to Hang Wallpaper with a Pattern

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How to Apply Patterned Wallpaper Featured

I have to admit, I was a little intimidated with the idea of hanging wallpaper. However, I quickly got over it after seeing the many beautiful patterns available that simply put; you can’t do with paint or even stencils. I stared at my beautiful roll of Luscious Lipstick Pink and Champagne Boho Chic Wallpaper and fell in love. I quickly learned that hanging this prepasted York wallpaper was actually much easier and less time consuming than painting!


  • Prepasted York Wallpaper of Choice
  • Wallpaper Sprayer
  • Towels or Tarp
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Sponge
  • Measuring Tape and Yardstick
  • Cutting Mat (optional)

Here is the BEFORE shot of my guestroom wall. I know, I need to replace that fan!

Wallpaper Makeover

I recruited my best friend and we got to work, which leads me to my first tip.

Tip #1: Hire a buddy and buy him or her lunch afterwards. Sheets of wallpaper can be heavy, especially when aligning a pattern. Another set of hands is helpful to help keep it straight.

The first thing we did was measure the wall and cut the first two panels of wallpaper. Make sure you work in a large area to lay out each panel.

How to Install Wallpaper with a Pattern Repeat

Tip #2: When working with a pattern, make sure to work ahead and cut the next panel to assure correct alignment.

The prepasted wallpaper we used is activated by simply misting it with water. We protected my floors with old towels, and misted the back of the panel with a wallpaper sprayer.

Tip #3: When misting the panel, be sure to focus on the edges to ensure they do not lift once it is on the wall.

How to Apply Patterned Wallpaper with Water

After misting, fold the edges so that they meet in the middle. This will help activate the stickiness. Wait 2-3 minutes.

How to Apply Wallpaper with Water

Hanging the first piece was the easiest because we simply aligned it with the corner, for the perfect straight edge.

Tip #4: Use a sponge to smooth out any bumps. You can also move your hand across the wall and lightly sand any bumps before applying your panel.

How to Install Wallpaper with A Pattern

How to Hang Wallpaper with a Pattern

A straight edge will also smooth and bumps, however be careful not to rip the wallpaper.

How to Smooth Wallpaper Bumps

Apply your next panel by aligning the pattern to your prior panel.

Tip #5: It is OK to have excess wall paper near the floor and ceiling or around windows because you can use an Exacto knife to trim the edges.

How to Trim Wallpaper

Make adjustments around windows and trim.

How to Install Wallpaper DIY

Tip #6: A yardstick comes in handy to get a straight line when you need to work around windows.

How to Install Wallpaper

Tip #7: Use a cutting mat and straight edge for smaller pieces of wallpaper to ensure pattern matching and precise measurements.

How to Cut Wallpaper

Although there is a lot to remember, once you get the hang of it, hanging wallpaper with water is much easier than painting!

How to Apply Wallpaper

Tips for Hanging Patterned Wallpaper


How to Hang Patterned Wallpaper DIY Inspired

How to Apply Patterned Wallpaper

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Good Luck!

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How to Hang Patterned Wallpaper DIY Inspired Featured

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  1. I used to think wallpaper was awful, but in the last few years I’ve definitely warmed to it. There are a couple walls in my house where I really want to put some up, but I haven’t yet because the application has really seemed intimidating but this was a beautiful tutorial and I’m feeling like it is something I can do now… and yeah, winning some beautiful paper definitely wouldn’t hurt either!

  2. I’m transitioning part of my son’s closet into a reading nook. The Europa II Newsprint Accessory wallpaper would be PERFECT for that!

  3. I honestly can’t say I have a favorite with so many wonderful items to choose from. I did see a beautiful light fixture that caught my eye. It’s called Artcraft El Dorado Java Brown Nine-Light 24-Inch Wide Crystal Chandelier. Stunning!!

  4. I have to say this wallpaper is gorgeous! I think I’m going to put some wallpaper up in my bedroom instead of painting the entire room. Now I’m excited to redo my bedroom, yay! Also I just have to wait until I win the lotto to get the Kalco Lighting Hamilton Tuscan Sun Eight-Light Pot Rack, haha, it would glam up my kitchen nicely.

  5. My husband and I were just talking about wall papering our house. I thought it would be so much more difficult than the website made it look. Great news! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  6. I absolutely love the Roommates Decor Xl Wall Murals Multicolor Marvel Classics Comic Panel Mural 6-ft x 10.5-ft – Ultra-Strippable.

  7. I love the Minka Aire Light Wave 52-Inch LED Ceiling Fan in Distressed Koa Finish. It is so beautiful and so unique.

  8. So, obviously I wish I had happened upon your site about a month and a half ago (after all I’ve been agonizing over which pattern to use for my accent wall for at least that long). More importantly or more relevant would be the actual color of Luscious Lipstick Pink? I just want to be sure that my computer settings aren’t fooling me, it seems to be a raspberry color? Neither bright nor greyed down? Any references you can give as to the actual color would help me with my decision since I’ve narrowed my options to 3-4 roughly the same cost. Thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Shannon! I believe you can, but you want to make sure it is spread evenly. A mister makes the job so much easier and faster. I have also heard of using a wet roller brush to roll it on, but I haven’t tried it. I hope this helps!

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