Recycled Plastic Container Pencil Box

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Easy Recycled Plastic Container Pencil Box Ideas

Save those drink mix and baby wipe containers because they can easily be repurposed into a recycled plastic container pencil box. Here are three fun and simple ways to make a pencil box out of plastic container.

First, watch this video on 9 Ways to Repurpose a Plastic Drink Container.

Fabric Covered Pencil Box

Recycled Pencil Case


  • Drink Mix Case
  • Fabric
  • Trim
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue


  1. Cut a piece of fabric to size.
  2. Wrap it around the container and secure it with glue.
  3. Add trim on the lid and bottom if desired.

Upcycled Plastic Baby Wipe Pencil Box

Here’s an easy dollar store upcycling idea with plastic baby wipe containers I found for $.99 each. Get the full tutorial here: Recycled Plastic Container Pencil Box.

Recycled Pencil Box

Recycled Drink Mix Pencil Box

School’s here!  I was about to throw away my Crystal Light container when I realized it’s the perfect size for pencils, markers, crayons, and such.  I decided to alter it a bit and make this recycled plastic container pencil box.

Recycled Plastic Pencil Box (1)


This project is very easy, as the pictures are self-explanatory.  Here are the materials you need.


  • Crystal Light Box
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Brush
  • Decorative Paper


  1. Simply remove the existing plastic and cut your scrapbook paper to size. 
  2. Using a paint brush apply the Mod Podge in even strokes to the back of the paper and carefully wrap it around the container.  This is the trickiest part in order to align it correctly.  If you work quickly, it is fairly easy to lift and adjust if you make a mistake. 
  3. Next apply an outer layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry (approximately 15 minutes).  I thought one coat sufficed however you can apply another if you wish. 
  4. Consider embellishing it with stickers or plastic gems.

This container can hold anything!  I actually may use it for my daughter’s toothbrush and toothpaste for when we travel.  You can use it to hold hair accessories or even use it for craft supplies.  This is the perfect project to do with your kids.  Now they will have a one of a kind pencil box to bring to school and show their friends.

DIY Repurposed Drnk Container Pencil Box


This article was originally published in September 2012 but has since been updated and improved.

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