DIY Recycled Colored Glass


DIY Colored Glass (560x420)

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  I wanted to share a simple, quick, and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift idea.  This project is great for decorative purposes, or you can also make them for wedding or party centerpieces.  Here is how I made these decorative glass bottles.

Here are the materials you need:

The glasses pictured have been sitting in my cupboard for years!  I found them when I moved.  If you don’t have old glasses or bottles, I recommend purchasing them at the dollar store, thrift store, or craft supply store.  Depending on the size, you shouldn’t have to spend more than $2 per bottle. I find that old oil based dressing bottles work well. A great online resource for inexpensive glass jars and bottles is Sunburst Bottle.

First, put a generous amount of paint into your bottle. I chose white because I think it’s a timeless color, but these turn out beautifully in any color.  I think a pastel blue or pastel green would be pretty too.

Slowly twist and tilt your bottle.  This takes some patience, depending on the size of your bottle.  I didn’t really put enough paint in this particular bottle and it took forever to cover it. Don’t ask me why I just didn’t put more paint in it… duh!

Place your bottles upside down on a paper plate. I used Styrofoam because it does not stick to your glass.  After several minutes, lift the bottles carefully, let them drain, and transfer them upside down onto another clean paper plate.

After the paint has thoroughly drained, let them dry right side up.  After they are completely dry, use a damp paper towel to remove any unwanted dry paint on the outer surface.  Here are some after shots.


Tip: If you use water base acrylic craft paint, you can easily wash it off and start all over to fit your next party theme or change in your home decor.   I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Mother’s Day craft tutorial! Repurpose, reinvent!



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