Letter and Number DIY Wall Art

I did a post on table numbers a while back and one of my favorites was from Martha Stewart.  They were digital pictures of house numbers printed on cardstock. I thought these were so cute and creative.  Pictures of numbers and letters would be cool to make DIY wall art… maybe frame a special date like a wedding anniversary or birthday as a gift.

In my head I thought, OK, I’ll bring my camera with me everywhere I go and try to take pictures of letters and numbers.  I didn’t want to limit it to house numbers because I had no idea how I could walk up to someone’s personal property and take a picture.  Well, actually I do because I used to do appraisals, but legally speaking… I couldn’t pull it off for a simple craft project.  So I thought maybe I could take pictures of any letters or numbers I see including license plates, signs, whatever.  Well, it never happened.  Probably because I would forget or I’d tell myself I’d just come back.

Low and behold, one night my obsession with Pinterest made life easier on me yet again! I saw a pin for a link on digital numbers and letters! Yay!

A Flickr account by Leo Reynolds has a selection of hundreds of letters and numbers. Click on the links to check them out!

My one year old daughter says, “MMM” and “YUM” almost every time she eats something. Anything. I decided to make this YUM, EAT, MMM design for the kitchen. I did it in minutes simply on Microsoft Word.  The photos are square, so used a square frame from IKEA to make it easy. Personal, cute, and simple!

Close Up (sorry for the glare)




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