Master Bedroom Redesign

Can we please open this master bedroom redesign conversation back up? I wrote a post recently and I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to figure out how to decorate the master bedroom.  So, I decided that I need to share more photos.

Going to ZGallerie helped because there were so many different colors and textures to choose from.  But then I started looking online.  Should I go for a more classic style like the oak beds from Time4Sleep… the sleigh bed in particular? Or should I go more glamorous like this one? And that’s just the bed! But I feel like once I pick the bed, I’m good to go.  Our current frame has some nicks and scratches; it’s time for a new one or perhaps time to refurbish it.  

Here is what I like about our room.

I’d like to keep these curtains.  The blue calms me.

bedroom-redesign (5) (560x372)

I also love the high ceilings…

bedroom-redesign (6) (560x372)

And the double closet…

bedroom-redesign (4) (560x372)

This wall is completely empty!  We could probably fit a seating area here.

bedroom-redesign (7) (560x372)

Our TV is large, archaic, and ugly, so we probably need to rework this area too.

bedroom-redesign (1) (560x372)

On a side note, here’s one of my pups Pablo, who also shares this space with our other dog Harley the pug. Don’t ask me why his tongue always hangs out like that… 🙂

bedroom-redesign (2) (560x372)

So I’d love any comments or suggestions!  I’m open to different styles (perhaps too many).  I think that’s where my problem starts!  It’s such a large space as well so I have to consider a seating or reading area. Help!


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  1. What if you put the bed where the tv is (though morning light could be an issue if you don’t like that kind of awaking..know what I mean)? And the tv where the bed is, get a different piece to put it on. It’s dark and heavy looking, very cool though, but not for your bedroom. I’m assuming the dresser are in the closets? Love the vaulted ceiling!

    I’m a knicky knack kind of person and I would get a curio cabinet and shelves and all that cluttery stuff for that empty wall. But that’s just me. I’ve always read to surround yourself with what you love (yeah, I love all that knick knack stuff….). Anyway, I’m seeing a sleek credenza (in black) type piece of furniture, possibly putting the tv on that and some free floating shelves (black as well) on both sides. Not sure if your into music, but either store a small stereo in the credenza with small speakers on top or just a place for an iPod dock.

    Just thought: Paint that empty wall and the opposite wall with the closets a blue that goes with the curtains. And paint the other two walls a couple shades lighter. Or just keep the other two walls that nice beige (I have two bedrooms in that same color-love it!) Yeah, I know, painting vaulted walls is laborious. Just throwing it out there. Maybe too much blue?

    If I could see the room in person, it makes it so much easier. But you have a nice sized bedroom! SO much you can do with it. I think anything you decide will be right. Lots of options!

    1. Hi Irene!

      I always LOVE reading your comments!!

      Yes, the dressers are in the closet. And the piece the TV is on is a TOTAL after thought. It was my husbands before we were married and I didn’t want it downstairs…LOL All my purses are stuffed inside!

      My husband and I LOVE music! He actually collects records. We have an record player and all the records in the garage. Maybe I can do something creative with the display…hmmm… I never even thought of that!

      See??? This is exactly why I had to put this out there and ask you all! Thank you to you and Jenna!

  2. I have a four post bed and absolutely love it. With your tall ceilings it would look great in that room. I’d also paint an accent wall. A little bit of color on the wall makes a huge difference and its pretty cheap. I don’t know if I would do a sitting area. Personally, we had one and it never got used. The way ours was shaped, we turned it into a closet. You could refurbish an old bench or trunk, to sit to put shoes on or something, then maybe a nice picture or collage of pictures above it. Good luck!

    1. Those are GREAT ideas. I like the idea of refurbishing a bench to put shoes on and you are spot on with an accent wall. Thanks for your help!

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