Master Bedroom Design Ideas

OK, this is more of a “thinking out loud” post. My master bedroom needs help!  Our bedroom is probably the most neglected room in the house because, frankly, no one sees it but my husband and me.  I have focused all my attention to the rest of the house and yet it seems your bedroom should be your sanctuary.  So, I decided I needed to do some research and come up with some master bedroom design ideas.

OK, here is a photo of our bedroom now.  I like the blue hues… they are calming.


My husband and I have two different styles as well, which has also been a problem.  He has more of a modern type of style like the designs of wren bedrooms, while I’m more of a glamorous ZGallerie type of gal. So, I decided to ignore my husband’s style (hee hee) and go out and get some inspiration at ZGallerie.

Not a huge fan of the fur, but I do like the pattern on the bed, and the natural colors.  The nail heads on the headboard are a nice touch as well.  I think there’s a bit of masculinity in it that my husband would like as well.

master-bedroom-design-ideas (1) (560x351)

I like the colors of this one and I love the tufted headboard; again, the same pattern on the three pillows in the back shows up here which I like even better in blue.

master-bedroom-design-ideas (2) (560x372)

I love the headboard in this one.  Its height is nice and makes a statement.  With both the tufted and nail heads combined, I think it’s a great balance of masculinity and femininity that we are both looking for.

master-bedroom-design-ideas (3) (560x372)

Now… I just need to convince my husband to buy it!! OR I need to come up with a plan to make it!

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  1. Oh, You can make that headboard!!! EASY!! Same with the pillows!! You’re innovative! Buying that stuff is going to cost you a small fortune! Making it will cost you a fraction! I think since the first picture is a bit masculine and that would suit your husband and you like the colors and patterns of the second, combine the two! Use the blues and greens as accent colors (hey, at least your not bringing in pink and purple-SO girly-blues and greens are what men lean towards anyway!). Look at it this way, you can’t do anything wrong here. It’s a matter of taste. Something doesn’t appeal to you after you’ve finished it, switch it out or take it down. I’m forever switching stuff out of my living room!

    1. You are SO right, Irene!! I’m intimidated with attempting a tufted headboard, but I’ve seen many tutorials on it. I just need to take the plunge!

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