My Crafty Toolbox

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I have a bag that I carry around all the time… my crafty toolbox, if you will.  If my purse is large enough it goes in there, if it isn’t I bring it with me in the car.  I decided that I wanted to share it with you because I use it SO much and it really comes in handy.  I use it around the house, or if I’m out thrift shopping I can easily measure my new find to repurpose or refurbish.

Here’s what I have inside:

One: This mini hammer has come in handy.  I’m always rearranging or hanging new frames and pictures around the house.   It has a screwdriver attachment that conveniently screws into the bottom as well. 

my-girly-toolbox (2) (560x376)

Two: Screwdriver with both a Phillips and flat head attachment.

my-girly-toolbox (3) (560x379)

Three:  I found this baby in the dollar bin!  I use it ALL the time for fixing glasses, opening battery covers, remote controls, etc.

my-girly-toolbox (4) (560x372)

Four: Measuring tape, Sharpie, and a pencil. A small measuring tape is perfect for when you’re out thrift shopping or going to garage sales.

my-girly-toolbox (5) (560x395)

Five: Scissors and a straight edge.

my-girly-toolbox (6) (560x372)

And it all fits in this bag that is small enough to carry around or fit in a purse.

my-girly-toolbox (7) (560x391)

That’s it!  I hope you found this useful.  It’s just so convenient for me that I thought I’d share!

Do you have a crafty toolbox?  What’s inside? Is there anything you think I should add???


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