Patio Table and Chair Update


Trash to Treasure Furniture Makeover: Patio Table and Chair Update

One of my best friends (the same one who challenged me with the coin wrappers!) and fellow avid yard saler found this old set of metal patio table and chairs for $25! It needed some TLC but was sturdy and had strong bones.  Her husband spent the day bring it some new life. A metal patio table and chair update is a weekend project that anyone can do.

My husband and I have refurbished outdoor metal before and it makes QUITE a difference.  Here is simple tutorial on How to Paint Metal.

Here is the table before. A table like this can easily be found at a local thrift store. Check out my trash to treasure guide for why you should buy furniture secondhand. It also includes a list of trash to treasure tips and project ideas.

Table and Chairs 001 (560x373)

Here is a close up. You can see the rust and discoloration.  The old paint was pretty much completely chipped off.  The arms took most of the beating.

Table and Chairs 001 - Copy (560x344)


Using the wire brush, gently scrub off any rust or paint.  This is an important step. To remove the paint chips and rust debris after scrubbing, you can hose it off and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.  To pant, use an all in one primer that stops rust for metal.  For a large project like this one, you may need three to four cans. Follow the instructions on the can for drying times.  Make sure you spray in a well-ventilated area.  Once the primer was dry, paint the table and chairs with two coats of spray paint made for outdoor metal.  Allow it to dry completely before handling it.

Be sure to check out my article for when and how to use primer for DIY painting projects and furniture makeovers.

Here are a couple after photos.  It looks brand new!

Table and Chairs 004 (560x340)

Table and Chairs 004 - Copy (560x357)

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