Outdoor Projects You Can DIY for Almost Nothing


Trash to Treasure Outdoor Projects Anyone Can Do

I was staring out my kitchen window the other day and saw a few outdoor projects I had made for literally a few dollars total. If I recall correctly, I made a birdbath, three bird feeders, my patio chandelier, and three hanging lanterns for about $30 total. What’s my secret? Hoarding… just kidding… kind of. Let me explain…

The projects I’m featuring today, I found in the trash, recycled something old, or got for free. The supplies are minimal for all. In fact you only need about two (affiliate links)  spools of twine (.99 each) and one bottle of E6000 to complete all the crafts I’m about to share. Click the links for the full tutorials.

Or watch this video…

Bird Feeder Teapot

What I Upcycled: an old teapot and a necklace chain

This little bird feeder teapot was technically a prop in a Mad Hatter Tea Party baby shower I did. I bought it for a few dollars and used it as a flower vase. After the party, I strung it up sideways and filled it with birdseed. All you have to do is cover the hole with a piece of duct tape. The birds in our area love it!


Trash to Treasure Bird Bath

What I Upcycled: Trashed Bird Feeder & Large Plate

When I first moved into our home, I found a broken birdbath (I think that’s what it was or a plant stand) on the side of the house. I purchased a couple inexpensive on-sale thrift store items and turned it into a trash to treasure birdbath.

diy-bird-bath-trash to treasure

Hanging Macrame Lanterns

What I Upcycled: Spaghetti Sauce Jars

The only cost for these hanging macramé lanterns is the twine and tea lights. I used recycled sauce jars and put a few pebbles in the bottom. Spaghetti sauce jars work great and you can play around with different types of twine.

Hanging Macrame Lanterns

Easy Teacup Bird Feeders

What I Upcycled: Teacup and Saucer & Old Necklace

This one is a popular one and has been featured in s few magazines! Another left over from a vintage inspired Mad Hatter Tea Party, I made these teacup bird feeders from thrift store teacup sets. The bonus part is that it takes minutes to make and also makes a great gift.


Tea Light Chandelier

What I Upcycled: Tree Branch & Spaghetti Sauce Jars

Lastly, this project is my favorite out of all of them. It cost me ZERO dollars. We used a branch Mia found on one of our nature walks and some sauce jars to make this tea light chandelier for my patio. Check out the post to see how pretty it looks at night.

DIY Mason Jar Outdoor Chandelier

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Outdoor Projects You Can DIY for Almost Nothing

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  1. Wonderful inspirations! I love the teacup and teapot in the tree. I invite you to share at my Thursday hop ( you can link up through Sat midnight) Hugs! P.S. don’t forget to enter my new giveaway.

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