Upcycled Halloween Tray DIY

Cheap and Easy Upcycled Halloween Tray DIY

Upcycled Halloween Tray

A while back I found $3.00 trays in the bins at Target. I wanted to upcycle them into something new with a Halloween twist. So, here is my upcycled Halloween tray DIY.

Time: 15 Minutes (not including drying time)


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Instructions: Making Your Upcycled Halloween Tray

Any two trays will work. I like these because they are small and work well with a candlestick. Consider looking at a local thrift store for some great options. I tend to have good success at Goodwill. They seem to always have a good selection. The trays don’t have to match either. Unmatched trays can easily be fixed with a coat of paint.

Halloween Tray

I had scraps left over from wallpapering my guestroom. I measured the inside of the trays and cut pieces of wallpaper to use as a liner. A cutting mat and rotary cutter makes this step so quick and easy.

Repurposed Wallpaper

This wallpaper is water activated. I sprayed a light mist on the back of each sheet.

Water Activated Wallpaper

I folded the sheets over to allow it to activate for about 2-3 minutes.

Wallpaper How To

Next, I simply added wallpaper to the bottom of the tray. I allowed it to dry for a couple hours.

Tray Lined with Wallpaper

Lastly, using E6000, I attached a candlestick to the center of the two trays to create a stand. Use a ruler to make sure it is centered. Allow the E6000 to dry completely before using the tray. I waited overnight.

Repurposed Candlestick

Halloween Tray DIY

This tray is the perfect size for parties and entertaining. I added some skull bags filled with candy on the top.

Halloween Tray Dollar Bin Challenge

Skull Goody Bags

On the bottom I filled little spider web cupcake liners with green candies and of course a jeweled skull!

Halloween Party Tray DIY

Upcycled Halloween Tray DIY Inspired

Upcycled Halloween Tray DIY

This Upcycled Halloween Tray DIY was so easy to make and didn’t cost much. You can play around with styles of trays and wallpaper colors and patterns to make a unique tray to fit your decorating style.

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