Popcorn Crazy Hair Day Idea

Every summer my daughter attends Vacation Bible School. She always has a blast and doesn’t want it to end.  The week is filled with songs, games, and crafts and of course each day has a theme. It never fails, but there always seems to be a crazy hair day or crazy hat day during the week. So, I thought I’d share Mia’s crazy hair day idea from this year. You can also use it for crazy hat day and possibly even as part of a Halloween costume.

Time: 15 Minutes


Note: Please be sure that an adult does this project, because hot glue can burn your skin!


  1. Put hair in a high pony tail and spray it with hair spray if needed.
  2. Cut a small hole in the bottom center of the popcorn box. Ideally, it is a little smaller that the circumference of the pony tail so that it is snug.
  3. Cut four small slits on the bottom sides. The slit can be small. This is where you will insert bobby pins.
  4. Pull the pony tail through the bottom of the hole and push the hair down so that you cannot see it on top.
  5. Insert one bobby pin on all four sides at the bottom using the slit to attach it securely to the head.
  6. BE CAREFUL FOR THIS NEXT STEP! Hot glue cotton balls one by one, starting on the inside edges of the popcorn box. Be sure not to glue any strands of hair. Once all four sides are glued, glue cotton towards the center by gluing the sides of each cotton ball. Again, be careful not to glue any strands of hair.
  7. Once the top is covered, color the cotton with specks of yellow with a highlighter to look like butter.

That’s it! This works great because it is very light weight and stays on securely. Just make sure you be careful getting in and out of the car!

I hope you like it! In case you missed it, check out another Crazy Hat idea I did a few years ago!

OK, one more thing… I think this would be cute to do for a simple Halloween costume. You can wear all white with a white apron or red and white striped apron and be a popcorn seller!

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