How to Recycle and Regrow Your Kitchen Scraps

How to Recycle and Regrow your Kitchen Scraps

            Check your kitchen trash!  There may be some things in there you can use again!  If you have veggie scraps, use them to re-grow your own fresh ones.  I’m starting to re- grow carrots, celery and lettuce.

Here is How to Recycle and Regrow Your Kitchen Scraps

Place the root ends of the vegetable you’re re-growing into a jar with the root ends touching the water. Check every week to make sure the ends are still in water, you will probably need to add water. They should have access to sunlight.  In a week or two you will see 3-4” of regrowth on the plant.  At this point you can move them into potting soil and pots and wait for new veggies to eat.  To regrow ginger, take those shriveled up pieces you were going to throw away and place them in potting soil and place in filtered light.  In a few weeks you will see shoots and roots appear.  Ginger will be readily available!

As you regrow your veggies, eat them, and regrow them, you will be practicing recycling on a daily basis. Experiment with all sorts of veggies, there are no limits, beets, turnips, Bok Choy, cabbage, potatoes, and more.  This is a practical and fun project for you and your kids to see edible recycling in action!

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