The Secret to Dust Free Floors

This article, The Secret to Dust Free Floors, is sponsored by Bona. All opinions are 100% my own.

I should really title this article “how to get dust free floors really fast”, but it didn’t quite sound right! I have been a customer of Bona products for over a year now.  I use the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner regularly. So, when I heard about the new Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths, I wanted to try them out. Plus, they fit perfectly and are compatible with other stick mops I have.

One dusting cloth cleaned my entire downstairs in minutes. This was HUGE for me because, 1) we have a lot of dog hair from our pug Harley, 2) we have a ton of crumbs because of my 6-year-old Mia, and 3) we have a ton of dirt from my 41-year-old (husband) Mike. Of course, I never track any dirt in myself…Ha! Kidding!

Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths

The Bona Disposable Dusting Cloths are large so they clean almost two times faster than others. What I did was make a quick once around my family room and hallway. When you lift it up you will see all the dirt and hair towards the front of the cloth. So, I removed the dust cloth, turned it around and put it back on to use the other side to use the back of the cloth for my kitchen and guest bathroom. It worked great on my hardwood floors!  By the way, it also works on laminate, tile, and stone too.

The Secret to Dust Free Floors

If you would like to try it too, you can get a $3 off coupon when you become a BonaFide Fanatic! There are perks to becoming a Fanatic like chances to win a $150 gift certificate EVERY month. Be sure to check it out!! Tweet me at @diyinspired with the hashtag #BeDustFree to let me know what you think!

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The Secret to Dust Free Floors - DIY Inspired

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