Simple Curb Appeal Ideas

I wanted to give a big thank you to Home Depot for sponsoring this post.  My husband and I really wanted to look for some quick and easy projects that we could do over the weekend.  We found two simple curb appeal ideas perusing down the aisles of Home Depot; 1) a decorative garage door hardware kit and 2) house numbers.

I’m not going to lie; envious of the neighbors, I’ve wanted a garage door hardware kit for a few months now.  Here is a photo of our garage door before.

garage-door-update (2) (560x367)

We first started out by washing the garage door with soap and water. Well, my husband did as I took photos…

garage-door-update (3) (560x372)

garage-door-update (4) (560x372)

We purchased two kits for our two car garage.  The directions were simple and easy to follow.

garage-door-update (5) (440x560)

We measured where we wanted each piece and attached them with a drill.

garage-door-update (6) (560x372)

When it was time to attach the handles, the screws that the kit came with were a little too short so we had to head back to Home Depot to get longer ones.  They didn’t have them in black, so I ended up spray painting the screw heads. To easily spray the heads only, I punched each screw into an old cardboard box.  It worked beautifully.

garage-door-update (7) (560x372)

Here is the after photo.

garage-door-update (1) (560x372)

Our second project for the weekend was to add house numbers to the house. I know! I Know! There weren’t any on the house when we moved in a year ago.  This kit was great because it came with cut outs so that your numbers would align perfectly.

house-numbers (2) (560x372)

I added each number one by one removing the adhesive strips on the back.

house-numbers (3) (560x372)

Ta dah! Perfect alignment in seconds!

house-numbers (4) (560x372)

We attached it with the screws included next to our front entry.


Thanks again to Home Depot for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Oh wow! I didn’t think the hardware on the garage would make a big difference but it really did! LOVE having the house numbers be different and I think they turned out great too! Good job you two 🙂

  2. Another great idea that will add much more color is to add a container or two. 🙂
    There are pots now that water the plants for you (totally worth it!)
    Three different annuals of varying heights and you’ve got a great pot.
    It really doesn’t have to be complicated.

  3. I have seen this done on a garage door in our neighbor-hood and I think there should be a dark line painted down the middle of the big door so that it really looks like two doors. Just a thought.

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