Repurposed Thrift Store Craft Caddy

I was on a hunt for new upcycles at Savers a couple weeks ago and found this wooden utensil holder. Cute but not my style. I thought I could maybe paint it a bit and it’d be nice to have when we entertain outdoors. But when I got it home it turned out that it makes the perfect craft caddy.

Time: 30-45 Minutes


Here is the utensil holder. I found it for $4.99. I lightly sanded the part with the painted fruit and cleaned it off. I wanted to make sure there was no debris.

Thrift Store Utensil Holder

Next I painted the handles and sides white.

Upcycled Thrift Store Find

I found an old burlap bean sack that I was saving and thought this would be perfect to cover this with. I was going to buy an outdoor material, but decided I liked the burlap better.

Repurposed Burlap Sack

I measured and cut the burlap to fit both sides of the caddy. I used a paint brush to brush on some Mod Podge and laid the cut burlap on top, smoothing it out with my hands. If there is any fraying, just gently paint them down with glue. It will dry clear.

Burlap Craft DIY

Lastly, I filled it with my craft tools. This comes in handy when I want to make something with my daughter in her room upstairs, or if we go outside to have a little mother and daughter craft session. I just load up this little caddy with our necessities and off we go. It also still makes a great utensil holder for parties too!!

Utensil Holder Makeover with Burlap

Repurposed Thrift Store Craft Caddy

Repurposed Thrift Store Craft Caddy - DIY Inspired

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