Easy Coffee Filter Paper Flowers


How to make easy coffee filter paper flowers plus how to color coffee filters.

Ever since I purchase a reusable plastic coffee filter, I have had extra paper coffee filters in my cupboard.   I took them out once before, and was inspired to make this coffee filter wreath that turned out quite nice.  Since then I have search for recycled coffee filter ideas and have found quite a few. I particularly liked the coffee filter flowers so I decided to try my own version.  Here is a SUPER easy coffee filter paper flowers how-to by yours truly.

Time: 30-40 Minutes



There are many tutorials on this but I found this to be the absolute easiest and quickest way to make them.  I sat in my craft room for a few hours trying different ways!  You can also dye them by dipping the filters in a little bit of food coloring and water and allowing them to dry on newspaper for about 30 minutes.  I chose to keep mine white because I like the look of the starch white, old book pages from a damaged book, and green vase.

How to make easy coffee filter paper flowers plus how to color coffee filters.

Step 1: Pinch the center of one coffee filter and bunch upwards as shown above.

Step 2: Set the first “bunch in the center of a second coffee filter and repeat the same bunching motion.

Step 3: Repeat Step Two until you have four coffee filters. Using a small rubber band (I used a child sized hair band) and secure the top of the paper flower “stem”.  It will look like this.

How to make easy coffee filter paper flowers plus how to color coffee filters.

Step 4: Cut out paper flower petals out of old book pages.

Step 5: Add a skewer or wooden dowel or floral wire as a stem and hot glue on the book page petals.

For smaller flowers, I used four coffee filters, however I cut them about a half inch shorter.

How to make easy coffee filter paper flowers plus how to color coffee filters.

How do you color coffee filters?

Dying coffee filter paper flowers is extremely inexpensive and easy to do and can be made in two easy steps.  I have made them before for an Alice In Wonderland birthday party and colored them red to make a red rose bush just like in the scene with the Queen of Hearts.

Time: 10 Minutes (plus drying time)


  • Bowl
  • Red food coloring
  • Water
  • Coffee filter paper flowers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Newspaper


Step One: Depending on the hue of red you desire, mix several drops of food coloring and about three tablespoons of water in a bowl.

Step Two: I tried two different ways: dipping the pre-made flower and dipping the individual filters.  Both work well. Wearing rubber gloves carefully dip the paper flower (or individual filters) into the color mixture and set it aside to dry on the newspaper.  Let them dry overnight.

Here is another example of colored coffee flowers I made for gift wrapping.

Another question I have been asked regarding coffee filters is:

How do you make a wreath out of coffee filters?

Luckily, I have done a tutorial for one! The best part is that it was very inexpensive to make. Make sure you check out that coffee filter wreath tutorial and detailed instructions.

Craving more paper flowers? Here are some fun floral craft ideas:

Note: I originally shared this tutorial in March of 2013. I had the bouquet pictured above in my room for several years. It was beautiful and I never had to water them!

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  1. That’s such a lovely DIY and easy to make too! I’d love to have that on my vanity table. Gotta make some this weekend.

  2. These look really good, I keep wanting to make them but have never gotten around to it. You may have just inspired me! The book page leaves are a nice touch too.

  3. Gotta try this and love teh sheet music idea! Enjoying your house decor ideas and am now a new follower! I live in Asia as a missionary and can get those little girl hairbands for 0.15 for a whole bag. This is perfectly frugal decor for me! Thanks so much!

    Visiting from Pint-sized Treasures

  4. I thought these would make great center pieces for a wedding on a budget you could use plain paper grocery bags for the leaf cut outs turn them into heart shape (leaf turned up-side down) and use a marker for Place cards to gather the people you want to sit together then it can be taken home as favor.

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