Trash to Treasure: Repurposed Desk

Repurposed Door Turned Desk After

School will be starting before we know it!  I needed a place to spread out all the papers I’ll soon be grading.  Also, we wanted a table in the sunroom where we could work on puzzles and play games.  After looking at the tables available online, I decided another trip to the barn and basement was in order to see if there was something to upcycle into a table.  Sure enough, I found a couple of old wooden boxes in the barn that would work perfectly for the base of my trash to treasure repurposed desk.

Repurposed Desk from Storage Boxes

In the basement I found a door that just needed to be cut a few inches to get rid of the door handle.  Here they are as I found them.

Repurposed Door Turned Desk

I painted the boxes black because I had a black bench that my dad made for us when he was about 96 years old (yes, still up and around and working at 96!) that I really wanted to use.  After giving the boxes a good wash and dry and sanding, they were ready to paint.  I used a black satin paint.  After my husband cut 4” off the side where the door had been and removed the hinges from the other side, I used wood putty to fill in the hinge holes and sanded the ends of the door.  I painted the door sand beige.

All that was required was to set the boxes where we wanted them and place the door on top.  There is no need to screw the table down as it sits very sturdy on the boxes and doesn’t wobble at all.

Repurposed Door Turned Desk After

School hasn’t started yet, but in the meantime, we’re already putting it to use working on puzzles. The table was no puzzle to put together, it just took a bit of scavenger hunting, and good old elbow grease to produce a great game/study table.

Repurposed Door Turned Desk DIY Inspired

Repurposed Desk Trash to Treasure

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