Lollipop Valentine for School

I’m a SUCKER for a Great FRIEND Like You Lollipop Valentine

This Lollipop Valentine for School is a big hit in my Etsy shop. A part of me thinks it’s because it’s easy to print out and cut. Before I share it, I had to share this quote I came across the other day that made me laugh.

“So to make those checks better, I used to steal lollipops and sell them at school – but I got caught.” –  Method Man

I guess, Method Man was a sucker…

As I mentioned yesterday when I shared my new pencil Valentine, I have a few new fun Valentines in my Etsy shop. Here is the second one!

Mia mentioned that one of the top Valentine’s she receives at school are lollipops, so I came up with this one.

I’m a SUCKER for a Great FRIEND Like You Lollipop

This is an instant download once you purchase it. GET IT HERE.

All you have to do is print and cut out these cute lollipop Valentines. The lollipops are not included.

The Valentine says, “I’m a SUCKER for great FRIENDS like you!” These are pictured with mini Tootsie Pops, however any standard lollipop size like Life Saver pops or Dum Dums will fit.

Print this download on heavy weight paper like card stock or brochure paper. Cut along the edges. Use a utility knife and cutting mat to cut the slits on top of the white dot at the bottom of the heart and insert the lollipop.

More Fun Printables from My Shop

I pride myself on making printables that are creative and unique! Here are a few more examples. My Etsy shop is a way for me to keep this site up and running with free tutorials. Thank you in advance for your support!

That’s a S’MORE! S’Mores Class Valentine Printable

Pencil Printable Valentine -You Are the Write Friend for Me

Thank You Teacher Movie Ticket Printable Envelope

Crossing Guard or Bus Driver Printable Thank You Card

If you have any printable ideas, feel free to comment below! I love a challenge!

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