Easy Macramé Wall Hanging with Hoops


It has been years since I have done a macramé project.  In fact, I couldn’t remember several knots.  I wanted to try it again and do something new.  I love the look of the double hoop wall hanging I made earlier, so I looked online for a tutorial for an easy macramé wall hanging for beginners.  I found a tutorial on YouTube from the Melissa, the Crafty Ginger. It was perfect for what I was trying to accomplish.

Time: 30-40 Minutes


  • Jumbo Bulky Yarn
  • 5” Metal hoop
  • 10” Metal Hoop
  • Scissors


For this project, you will need to know the following knots: 1) Lark’s Head Knot, 2) Square Knot, and 3) Half Hitch Knot. I used 8 pieces of yarn about arm’s length (fingertip to fingertip). This project is much easier if you hang the ring onto a knob and work with the wall hanging straight on versus laying it down in front of you.  I hung it on a cabinet door knob.

Make a Lark’s Head Knot for all 8 pieces on the 5” ring. Next, I did four alternating rows of the square knot. To alternate rows, leave the outer two pieces of yarn out on the second and fourth row. Lastly, place the 10” ring on your knob. To align it with the 5” ring. To attach it to the 10” ring, make a half hitch knot with each piece of yarn one by one moving right to left.

Lastly, unravel the yarn at the bottom and give it a “hair cut”.  I cut it into a upside down “V”.

Here are a couple after photos.

I think these would look cute hanging in the girl’s bedroom or in their bathroom. It would also look great in a nursery or as a party decoration.

Here is another quick and easy double hoop wall hanging:

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  1. Nice wall hanging. I made macramé plant hangers and a really awesome hanging table back in the 80s. I’ve been thinking of trying it again. Your post has moved the idea to the forefront of my mind.

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