Toilet Paper Roll Spider


Mia and I love doing toilet paper roll crafts. The craft closet is always stocked with them. As usual, when we decide on a craft to make, whatever Mia says goes! This time, since we are so close to Halloween, we decided to make a little spider.  We left the top open so that you can put candies inside. These would make great party favors for a Halloween party. Here is how you make our toilet paper roll spider.


First, simply paint the outside of the spider. We left the inside unpainted because we wanted to put candies inside. If your candies are wrapped, you can also paint the inside for a more finished look. Leave a little bit of cardboard to fold inward.



Next, cut off two sides; a rectangle approximately ¾ of the way up the roll. This will be the front and back of the spider. Cut the remaining side into eight spider legs. Bend the tips as shown.



Cut a circle out of black cardstock with a circle punch. Place it on the bottom of the spider, and then tape the bottom on using the flaps from step one.



Put some wiggly eyes on your spider and fill it with festive candies. You can fill them with three or four small wrapped candies or small toys or stickers and pass them out for a classroom Halloween party as well.



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