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I love spending the weekends going to various flea markets and swap meets. You never know what you’ll find. Recently, my family and I drove about an hour away to Fallbrook, California at the Oaks where we attended The Vintage Flea Marketplace. There were over 50 vendors selling vintage home and garden finds, repurposed jewelry, clothing, and a lot more.



It was so much fun, but I think my husband would have liked it better if I went with my friends instead! There was A LOT of lace, flowers, ruffles, and pink fluff everywhere! It was amazing! This dresser and gown was for display at the front entrance.



It was a beautiful day and the temperature was perfect. I perused about six aisles of treasures.  There were many handmade fun items including jewelry and furniture.  Check out this beautiful couch and all that surrounds it! Fantastic, right???



Here’s a close up.



You could also rummage through several antiques and repurposed items.  I have to say that every booth had great attention to detail and displayed their goods beautifully.



I love this sugar tin turned flower pot.



I spent a lot of time at a booth picking through metal findings for crafting and jewelry. Each piece ranged from $1 to $5 and there were so many to choose from many with the perfect patina. I’m excited to make a few things to show soon.



I definitely recommend going! You can get all the dates and times on their Facebook Page (The Vintage Marketplace), or email them at The admission is $5 and they typically take place on Fridays and Saturdays.

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