Repurposed Lighting Inspiration

Repurposed Lighting Inspiration from Everyday Household Items

Repurposing household items into light fixtures is a creative and sustainable way to add unique lighting elements to your home. Here are some repurposed lighting inspiration to spark your imagination:

Teacup or Tea Kettle Lighting

Hang a collection of vintage teacups or coffee mugs upside down from a chandelier frame. Wire them securely, and install small pendant lights inside each cup for a charming and whimsical fixture. Use a light kit to create a tea kettle lamp.

Mason Jar Pendant Lights

Use Mason jars as pendant light shades. Drill a hole in the jar lid for the light fixture to pass through, then hang multiple jars at varying lengths for a rustic and industrial look. Or use tea lights for an outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier.

DIY Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier


Colander or Metal Basket Pendant Lamp

Turn an old colander or metal basket into a pendant lamp or chandelier by attaching a light kit to the bottom. The perforated holes in the colander will create interesting patterns on the walls and ceiling when the light is on.

Grater Wall Sconces

Attach small wall sconce light fixtures to the front of old cheese graters. Mount them on the wall, directing the light through the grater holes for a unique and textured effect.

Vintage Suitcase Lamp

Convert an old suitcase into a table lamp by attaching a lamp kit to the inside. This works particularly well with vintage suitcases, adding a touch of nostalgia to your lighting.

Soda or Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

Cut the bottom off wine bottles and transform them into pendant lights. The open end of the bottle can be fitted with a pendant light kit, creating an elegant and eco-friendly lighting solution. These would look interesting on a patio or beach house.

Cardboard Pendant

Cut and layer cardboard and attach pendant lights to. This creates a unique recycled chandelier that can be customized to match your decor.

Bicycle Wheel Chandelier

Repurpose an old bicycle wheel into a chandelier by attaching small light fixtures around the rim. Hang it from the ceiling for an industrial and artistic lighting piece.

Repurposed Lighting with Bicycle Wheels

Upcycled Globe Pendant Light

Take an old globe or spherical-shaped item and turn it into a pendant light by cutting an opening for a light kit. This works especially well with outdated or damaged globes.

Cola Crate Ceiling Fixture

Use vintage wooden cola crates as the base for a ceiling light fixture. Mount pendant lights inside each crate compartment for a rustic and industrial vibe.

Book Page Lampshade

Create a unique lampshade by covering an old lamp with pages from an old book by using a book folding technique. This gives a warm and literary ambiance to the light.

Drum Set Pendant Lights

Hang small pendant lights from the frame of an old drum set, allowing the cymbals and other elements to reflect and diffuse the light. This is perfect for music enthusiasts.

Birdcage Chandelier

Convert a birdcage into a chandelier light by attaching a small chandelier to the bottom for a unique and rustic look.

Cup and Saucer Wall Sconces

Attach small wall sconce fixtures to vintage cups and saucers. Mount them on the wall to create unique and eclectic wall sconces.

Hanging Garden Basket Lights

Turn wire hanging garden baskets into pendant lights by attaching a light kit to the bottom. Hang multiple baskets at different lengths for a cascading effect.

Before attempting any DIY lighting project, ensure that you follow safety guidelines and use the appropriate electrical components to avoid hazards. If you’re not comfortable with electrical work, consult with a professional electrician.





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  1. Hi Dinah, I also LOVE the industrial metal chandelier! I’d love to make one for my outdoor patio. Where did you find the metal “shade”? Any ideas you can share on how it was put together?

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