Repurposed Chicken Feeder

Repurposed Chicken Feeder: From Rescued Feed Tray to Wall Art

Repurposed Chicken Feeder Wall Art

This project was created to add some color to our white walls.  Using another “found” object, an old feed tray, I was able, with a bit of elbow grease and paint to create a cheerful piece of “wall art”. 

Here’s the rusty chicken feed tray before I started the sanding process.

Repurposed Chicken Feeder Trash to Treasure


The rust dictated sanding with some sand paper and then with an electric sander.

Repurposed Chicken Feeder DIY

All that was required was one coat of red paint and some flowers and the finished product was very quickly on the wall brightening up the area!

Repurposed Chicken Feeder

I even found a red silk butterfly to stick into the flowers!  I’m sure the farmer who discarded this old feed tray would never have imagined it would end up as a trash to treasure project! Be sure to check out my other repurposed chicken feeder ideas.

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