3 Awesome Trunk or Treat Ideas

Trunk or Treat Ideas including a wizard theme, Mad Hatter tea party from Alice in Wonderland, and Candyland.

Guess what? Last year I had amazing opportunity to be live on the morning news sharing some awesome trunk or treat ideas, as a result I got another gig! Last year, I was on Fox News LA and this year I appeared on KTLA 5 Morning News. It was so much fun!

I did three themes and decorated three Chevy vehicles:

  • Candyland – Chevy Silverado
  • Mad Hatter – Chevy Traverse
  • Wizard/Sorcery – Chevy Bolt EV

You can watch the actual KTLA segment here.

Let’s start with the Candyland theme first.

Candyland Trunk or Treat Ideas

First, for Candyland, I made giant candies from items I found around the house like paper plates, cardboard tubes, toy balls, and pool noodles.  I have a separate tutorial for how I made each of these. You can find it here. The game board pieces were made by taping 12X12 pieces of colorful scrapbook paper to a white roll of paper. I bought the white roll of paper at IKEA for just a few dollars.

I covered the trunk with snow covered boxes and made large bouquets of candy in painted terra cotta pots. See the how-to video below for all the candy.

Here is a list of items I bought off Amazon. This list has my affiliate links of the products that I used:

Best Trunk or Treat Ideas

Unique Trunk or Treat Ideas

Making the Candy

Here is a YouTube video I made of how to make the giant piece of candy! There are five different ideas with tutorials.


Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party

First, I draped the Traverse in greenery and giant flowers from Hobby Lobby. As a result, the greenery really made it look great. Next, I also raided a thrift store and bought mismatched teapots, trays, and cups and saucers. You can find great deals at your local discount stores, including dollar stores. Lastly, I also built a sign post out of scrap wood I had in my garage.

Here is a list of the things I bought on Amazon for this theme. I recommend all of them! These are also affiliate links.

Mad Hatter Trunk or Treat Ideas

Cool Trunk or Treat Ideas

Alice In Wonderland Trunk or Treat Ideas


Wizard or Sorcery Theme

This last theme was inspired by Harry Potter, therefore I wanted an eerie feel. I borrowed some items from my best friend, after that, I pulled some small furniture pieces from home. Decorating with a lot of books, potion bottles, skulls, and candles makes this theme easy. I purchased the 12 pack of battery operated candles on Amazon. Lastly, I also designed the spell book pages and printed them and placed them in an existing book. You can download the spell book pages for FREE here.

Harry Potter Trunk or Treat Ideas


I hope you like these! I had such a blast being at the KTLA studios. Here is a picture of Jessica and me on the set!

Here is a quick YouTube video I made so that you can see more details. In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my three awesome trunk or treat ideas!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I just love the idea of having the party right out of the back of your car. So compact that minimum decorations are required to get maximum effect. I might have to come up with some “boot” truck party theme ideas foe my website. thanks for the inspiration

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