3 Awesome Trunk or Treat Ideas

Three awesome trunk or treat ideas including a fortune teller theme, pirate theme, and mad scientist theme.

I had the best time working with Chevrolet and Fox News LA last week for a fun trunk or treat Halloween segment that aired live last Thursday at the studio in Los Angeles, California.  I set up three different cars, a 2018 Chevy Cruze Hatch, a 2018 Traverse, and a 2018 Bolt EV.

Here are the details of how I decorated each trunk. I purchased a lot of the decorations at the 99 Cent store, Big Lots, and Michael’s. I also incorporated a lot of pieces I brought from home. Some affiliate links on the shopping lists are items I recommend. I receive compensation if you click and buy which helps support this site (Thank you in advance!)!

In case you missed it, you can catch the Fox LA News at Noon segment here.


Fortune Teller or Séance Theme

Effects: Moving Battery Operated Crystal Ball

Shopping List:

  • Crystal Ball
  • DIY Tarot Cards
  • Fishing Line
  • Tape
  • Skulls
  • Halloween Spell Books
  • Vintage Books



For this first trunk, I lined the trunk with ornate rugs and colorful fabrics.  Placing a sound activated crystal ball in the center of the trunk, I anchored it with small old looking suitcases with skulls, old vintage books. I also included candlesticks and skeleton keys.

I hung tarot cards I made with fishing line and safety pins. To make the tarot cards I printed photos I found online and glued them onto neon cardstock on both sides.

To serve candy to the kids, I placed a small wooden table in the front of the car. On top I place some fabrics, a spider web doily, books, and a skull.  The candy was in a fabric lined basket to fit the theme.


Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Effects: Fog Machine

Shopping List:



The life-sized skeletons were purchased from Home Depot. I added red clothes I bought at the 99-cent store and added an eye patch on one and a gold clip on hoop earring on the other.  Lining the car with ripped tea stained white sheets that I made and spooky black, gray, and tan netting from the 99-cent store, made for a quick and easy spooky effect.

I decorated wine bottles with designs I made and printed on construction paper. You can also scatter around fake bones, skulls, and rats on both the inside and outside of the trunk. Two plastic skull flags were hung as well. For special effects, we plugged in a fog machine and set it inside the car to come out the back.

For the candy, I served it on a treasure chest I had.  I placed costume jewelry, plastic gold coins, and Mardi Gras beads inside as well.


Mad Scientist Theme

Effects: Smoke Machine

Shopping List:

  • White Sheets
  • Black netting
  • Cloches
  • Bottles
  • Table (narrow cross)
  • Food Coloring
  • Apothecary Sign
  • Apothecary Drawers
  • Skulls
  • Raven
  • Scale
  • Books
  • Snake/Rats (for inside jars)



For this final theme, I used cardboard boxes in varying heights inside the trunk and covered it with white sheets. Micheal’s had glass mad scientist bottles that I bought on sale and filled them with colored water. I also bought glass jars from the 99 cent store and filled them with colored water and fake spiders, bugs, and rats. I also filled one with marshmallow candy eye balls. Creepy labels are easy to make for lotion bottles which I made and taped them onto the front.

To serve the candy, I draped a lab coat and stethoscope on an acrylic hair and placed the candy in a large glass cookie jar.


Here are some fun behind the scene photos I wanted to share of the Fox segment.  It was a great experience and hope it’s just a first of many!


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