DIY Easter Bunny Yarn Art

Use this Technique to Make Yarn Art for Any Occasion

I like to decorate for Easter and this yarn art idea was a fun one. My decorations are nothing crazy, but I’ll put out a few things here or there, like these thrift store bunnies I made over or these DIY moss eggs I made.  I like to because it reminds me of when I was little.  Every Easter I would get a new fancy dress, a hat, gloves, and a purse and we would all get dressed up and go to church. Then afterwards we would have not one but two Easter egg hunts!

Anyway, I made this very simple DIY Easter Bunny Yarn Art to add to my Easter décor. You can do this with any image to fit the theme of the holiday or decor for a kid’s room or craft room. I hope you like it!

But first, an Easter joke. Why was the Easter Bunny upset? He was having a bad HARE day! Pa dum dum persh!

How to Make Yarn Art

Time: 25-45 Minutes


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Watch the video instructions:


I Googled “bunny template” and found this one. To make this cute yarn art, print the bunny template on card stock. Cut the paper to the size of your frame making sure the bunny is in the middle.

  1. Using a cutting mat and craft knife, cut out the bunny following the outline.  Remove the bunny.  Save it and give it to your kids to color for later!
  2. Cut strips of yarn long enough to cover the bunny. Starting from the bottom, cover the bunny with strips, securing it with tape until the entire bunny is covered.  Make sure to pull the yarn taught as you tape.
  3. Turn the paper over to make sure it looks good from the front. Place it in a frame.

Other Variations

Here are a few other ideas to use this technique on. As I mentioned, many templates can be found online or you can create your own. Even if you can’t find an actual template, remember you only need an outline, so if the shape works use it! Change the yarn colors to fit the design.

  • Christmas Tree, ornament, or Star for Christmas
  • The year for New Years
  • Shamrock or top hat for St. Patrick’s Day
  • Heart shape for Valentine’s Day
  • Egg Shape for Easter
  • Flower for Spring
  • Sombrero in white, red, yellow, and green for Cinco de Mayo
  • Pumpkin for Halloween or Fall
  • Leaf for Thanksgiving or Fall

Play around with bold colors or pastels, and also play around with stripes and patterns. I hope you like it!

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