Back to School Craft Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizer Back to School Kids Craft

This article, Back to School Craft Hand Sanitizers, is sponsored by Fiskars. All opinions are 100% my own.

The other day I shared a fun Repurposed Baby Wipe Container Pencil Box and Washi Tape Notebooks and Pencils crafts in honor of an upcoming Fiskars Back to School Twitter chat next week. Today, I want to share these colorful Back to School Craft Hand Sanitizers. One day, when Mia came home from school she said. “Mom, everybody has hand sanitizer at school but me.” Baffled and curious, the next day at school I nonchalantly looked down to find that her best friends, Lilly and Becca, both had hand sanitizer attached to their lunch boxes. What a great idea!

So I headed to the 99 Cent store and found these plain boring hand sanitizers. They definitely needed a little upcycle.

Hand Sanitizer



The Fiskars Kid Scissors are ideal for this craft. They are safe and ergonomically shaped for their little hands. They make it easy for kids to cut small pieces like the ones for this craft.

Fiskars Kid Scissors

Have the kids measure the hand sanitizer to figure out the size of the rectangle they need to cut out of paper scraps.  Punch out hearts with a Fiskars medium That’s Amore squeeze punch.

Hand Sanitizer Back to School Craft with Paper Scraps

Use a foam paint brush and Mod Podge to glue the paper onto the hand sanitizer. Brush one coat on top.

Hand Sanitizer Back to School Craft with Mod Podge

Once the glue is dry, glue on a craft gem.

Hand Sanitizers Back to School Craft Idea

This kids can attach them to their lunch bags or backpacks or both!

Hand Sanitizer Craft for Backpacks

Hand Sanitizer Back to School Craft for Kids

Back to School Craft Hand Sanitizers

Back To School Twitter Chat with Fiskars

Save the date! Next week on Thursday July 9th from 7-8 CST be sure to participate in a fun chat with me (@diyinspired) and Fiskars (@Fiskars_HQ)! Look out for the hashtags #BTS and #FiskarsBTS.

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  1. I am going to do this to the hand sanitizer I have hanging on my dog’s leash! How do you keep the top of the bottle from unscrewing and dumping hand sanizer everywhere? This happens to the hanging bottles and the bottles in my purse and glove box,

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