Crossing Guard Appreciation Card Printable

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We have been getting a TON of rain recently… a ton! My pool even overflowed… twice! As I was picking up my daughter from school, I noticed that our crossing guard was all bundled up in his rain jacket and rain boots. The tie on his hood was pulled so tight you could only see a small part of his face. He was the inspiration for this special Crossing Guard Appreciation card.

Rain, Snow, or Shine, our crossing guards are always there to help keep our children safe.

I have always had so much appreciation for the crossing guards at school. In fact, this is the third version of this thank you card I have made. I mean, I can’t give the same one twice! I have made:

I Even Made a Video

Watch this video to see how to put the card together. It’s really easy!

Both are pretty popular in my Esty shop.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Then, after further research I realized that the state of Virginia celebrates Crossing Guard Appreciation Day in February and February is also Crossing Guard Appreciation month. How cool is that? Arlington Public Schools (APS) honors our Crossing Guards by celebrating the one-day event over an entire week. The 2019 celebration ran from February 11-15. We should adopt this in all states. Thousands of APS students regularly walk and bike to school with assistance from the 25+ Crossing Guards.

Similarly, the national safe routes to school is celebrated the second week of February. The National Safe Routes to School believes in the importance of getting outside and walking or biking to school. They even hold events like Walk to School Day in October and Bike to School Day in May. Each year these events break records for participation.

Be sure to recognize these special people in our lives no matter which state you live in!

Crossing Guard Appreciation Card Printable

You can purchase this card here: Crossing Guard Thank You Card Printable

Print this 5″X 5″ Crossing Guard or Bus Driver Thank You Card to say thanks for the ones who help keep our kids safe every day at school.

Put a gift card inside to make a great gift for Christmas, Crossing Guard Appreciation, or for the end of the school year or simply write a special note or poem.

Write your special message yourself of have your kids write it or draw it and attach a gift card with double sided tape if desired.

Fold at the left edge of the stop sign and then cut out the other 7 sides with scissors to make an octagon stop sign shaped card.

Other Ways to Show You Care

  • Bring a small treat or fresh baked cookies to say thank you.
  • Write a poem or song to show your appreciation.
  • Bring a coffee or doughnut to the morning shift.
  • Verbally acknowledge and say thank you every day!
  • Cold. Hard. Cash. Just kidding!!! LOL

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