Learning Handwriting Preschool Activity


My daughter is in her first year of preschool and is now learning how to write her name. I wanted to make it fun for her when she is at home so I incorporated learning handwriting into something fun we already do at home.

My daughter and I have been surprising her dad with random treats in his briefcase. Sometimes we wrap the box of candy with a short briefcase note, or sometimes we put a clever candy saying on it. We sneak them in his briefcase at different times, so he’s not always expecting it.  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion. It’s just something we like to surprise him with so that he knows we are thinking of him while he’s hard at work.

For this “batch” I simply covered them with white paper and wrote Mia’s name in dotted lines with a pencil, just like she is learning at school. I added a little heart as well.



I let her “sign” each one, allowing her to practice her handwriting. She looks at each one when she’s finished, so proud that she did it.  I love watching her concentrate so hard. It’s something I never want to forget.



I also try do this in other ways. For example, we do it for cards that we send to her grandparents.  It’s a special added touch and honestly I think it may be better than a clever saying or fancy card!



Not too bad for three years old!

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