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Get FREE Furniture from these 5 Best Reuse Websites

If you love dumpster diving, I found out that the best times to go are towards the end of the month and the beginning of the month on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.  You’re welcome. However, so you love free stuff but not that into dumpster diving? Here is my list of five best reuse websites to help you find free or inexpensive pieces for your next DIY project.  The best part is that each one can search for items in your local area AND you are doing your part in keeping these items out of our landfills.

I Love Free Stuff

Facebook Marketplace

Did you know that Facebook Marketplace has a free section in your local area? Just click here and search from all kinds of free furniture, home decor, and even piles of pallets, wood, and other DIY materials. I have had great success using it. One bit of warning, however… things go fast! So if you see it, snatch it up ASAP!

Let Go has a free section as well. It’s a great reuse website with a lot of options. Just click on the red Free Stuff icon on the right and search your area.

The Freecycle Network™ is made up of over 5K groups with over 8 million members around the world. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about reuse and keeping good stuff out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers. Just enter your city in the search bar and you can find anything from free furniture to free musical instruments.

Craigslist Free Stuff

Did you know that Craigslist has a section where you can search for “free stuff”???? Yeah… enough said. The key to this is to be ready to go before you search because people will post their free stuff and their address, aka a Curb Alert.  Go right away or it will be gone just like that!

I wrote a post called 6 Tips for Going to Estate Sales a while back. In it, I references a website called This is a great online source for active and up and coming Estate Sales in your local area complete with photos, maps, and directions.

Now What?

Now that you have found a great piece of FREE furniture from one of the best reuse websites around, what can you do with it? Here are a few furniture upcycling ideas I have done in the past from items I got for FREE!

  1. Here’s a dresser I got for free that I turned into craft tool storage.
  2. Stools are an easy find. Here are several ways to upcycle barstools.
  3. This post has several upcycling ideas for mirrors, plus how I saved 100’s of dollars doing it.
  4. I swear there are always filing cabinets available when you are searching these reuse websites. Here is a great video tutorial on how to upcycle a metal filing cabinet from my friend, Laci Jane.

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5 Resources for Finding Free Furniture for Your DIY Projects




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