Mudroom Makeover


Simple and Budget Friendly Mudroom Makeover Ideas

I don’t know why but when I think about a mudroom, I think about the Fall season, perhaps because that’s when school starts.  Also, I think about a place where the kids leave for school in the morning and all their necessities for the school day are all in one place.  I think about a place for when the kids come home from school or Dad or Mom comes home from work and there is a place to put your keys or change from lunch and a place to hang your coat and scarf.  It’s a place where you can stomp your muddy shoes on a durable floor, take them off, and leave them there to go spend time with your family after an exhausting day.  With that said, I thought I’d put together a few ideas for a mudroom makeover.

Idea #1: Think Tall & Slender for Small Spaces

Use an old tall and slender shelving unit in small area for perfect mudroom storage.  Add hooks inside and on the side.  Hang a chalkboard, whiteboard, and/or magnetic board on the side for appointments and reminders.  You can add decorative wall paper to add personality and character and match your decor.

Idea #2: Look for Inexpensive Storage or Organization Ideas

An inexpensive mudroom organization idea is to use a shadow box with hooks to hang your keys.  Decorate it with a pattered and colorful sheet of scrapbook paper to fit your décor style. You can also find some great items at thrift stores like Goodwill. I found this one at a local thrift store and fell in love.

Vintage Key Holder with Mirror for Mudroom

Idea #3: Use a Tray

Set a flea market tray atop a table for items you need before you leave to go somewhere like keys, jewelry, or accessories.


Idea #4: Repurpose or Upcycle Something

This is a fun and simple repurposing idea.  Mount a vintage metal ladle or a mason jar or other interesting object on a wall as a place to put your extra change.

Idea #5: Look for inexpensive Mudroom storage

Find inexpensive flea market or thrift store baskets, wood crates, or metal tubs for fun and decorative storage for your mudroom makeover.

Repurposed Wire Crate Shelves


Idea #6: Put labels on It

Use colorful metal pales or baskets for storing gloves, hats, scarves, and such.  Label them so that everyone stays organize and can find them easily.  Consider making tags and putting each person’s name on shoe baskets.

How to Organize Shoes

How to Organize Hats

Idea #7: Make Your Own Storage Baskets

I hope you like my mudroom makeover ideas! Before you go, check out this video I made on how to make your own rope baskets. You can make these in any size to fit your storage and organization needs.



This article has been update and improved from September 2012.

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