Candy Land Birthday Party Part Two

So, because I had so many great pictures to choose from, here is part two of yesterday’s Candy Land Party postYou can’t have a Candy Land party without candy and sweets, of course!  Jenny left no sweet tooth unturned as she had…

Colorful gumdrop cupcakes…

Candy Land Theme Party

A homemade birthday cake… this cake was decked out with lollipops, candy canes, ice cream cones, starbursts for the track, gumdrops, kisses, and marshmallows.

Candy Land Theme Party (6)

A chocolate fountain table… this table was filled with a ton of yummy chocolate dipped goodness including pretzels, strawberries, Rice Krispie Treats, graham crackers, marshmallows, and licorice.


And a candy table that doubled as a favor table…she made treat bags handy for each guest to fill with their favorite candies.

Candy Land Theme Party (26)

Here are some shots of the patio, covered in colorful tulle, giant balloon candies, and a cardboard castle top.

Candy Land Theme Party (19)

Candy Land Theme Party (17)

Candy Land Theme Party (3)

The yard itself was transformed into a game board with the track they spent hours hand painting. The kids had a blast pretending to play the life sized board game.


Candy Land Theme Party (28)

Candy Land Theme Party (23)

Candy Land Theme Party (7)

Candy Land Theme Party (2)

What’s crazy is that I left out pictures of the bounce house and the Peppermint table filled with fresh fruit and snacks. Jenny got creative and used peppermint Christmas ornaments to decorate Peppermint Forest. Amazing job, Jenny! When’s the next one? Tee hee…

To see more of Jenny’s work, check the posts DIY Nursery Letters or Carnival or Circus Theme Party.


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  1. I just wanted to let you know…..we think your CandyLand Party idea is amazing!!! and we posted it with a link to your site on our Facebook page.
    I think our fans will go crazy over your ideas. Thank you

  2. THIS is amazing! Our school’s Student Council is using a candyland theme this year (Leadership is sweet) and as the advisor, I MUST ask… how did you make those gum drops?? They are fabulous! Great work!

  3. This is Awesome and we are also doing our Homecoming theme in this as well and I was just about to ask about the gum drops when I saw the other comment. Thanks!!! Going get those inserts! Yay!!

  4. Hello, I saw the comment where you mentioned she used plywood for the game board pieces. Did she cut them herself or did she have a hardware store cut them? and also do you know about how many pieces she used?

  5. Hello! My niece is having her first birthday soon and its candy land themed! Love allllll these ideas. My question is about the board pieces. I know they are made out of plywood and painted but are they linked together some how?

  6. Love your friends ideas they are amazing. I know the board walkway is plywood. Any chance she remembers the dimensions they are cut to? 12×12, 10×10, 8×8? And the thickness of the plywood? And I’m not for certain but it seems they are bound together are they done by zip ties?

    1. Thank you! I let her know! She said: 3/8 plywood and 2×2 squares so you could get 8 squares out of one sheet of plywood. Also, yes they are zip ties. Send us pictures!

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