DIY Chalk Paint Pumpkins and Gourds

Sometimes I can’t find the holiday décor I want for my home in the store, so I have to make it.  I love shades of blue, so I thought I’d buy some fake pumpkins and gourds from the store and make DIY chalk paint pumpkins and gourds.

Time: One hour + (including dry time)



I bought a bag of six small pumpkins and gourds for about $6.00 (I had a coupon!). For most of these types of craft pumpkins, you can pull the stem out and easily place it back in. I removed the stem and painted them gray. To help hold them, I used a clothespin to punch the insert and then painted the stem. This also made it easy for them to dry. I painted three coats of Folkart chalk paint in Seaside Villa allowing it to dry in between coats.  For these I painted half, let it dry to the touch, painted the other side, let it dry, and so forth.


I cut some twine and tied it to the bottom of the stem, inserted it back into the pumpkin and then tied a piece of ribbon to the step in a bow.  If you want, you can put some glue on it before you insert the stem so that it doesn’t pop out.

I placed them in a wire basket for my tabletop. Now I need to make some more matching décor… hmmm. In case you missed it, check out the repurposed Thanksgiving sign I made.


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