Entryway Christmas Wreath DIY

Entryway Christmas Wreath

There’s something about a grand entrance…I think that’s what made me buy this giant wreath. Of course the first thing I thought of was, where the heck am I going to store this after Christmas but I purchased it anyway. I just couldn’t pass up the sale! And since there was such a great sale, I was able to purchase all the embellishments I wanted to make this entryway Christmas wreath DIY.

Here is the wreath. It’s fairly large, but I needed one this size to hang on the railing overlooking the front door and family room.

Christmas Wreath

This year, I added burlap to a lot of my Christmas decorations. It was an inexpensive and easy way to update the same décor I’ve had for many years. So, I started by wrapping this wreath with burlap ribbon.

Christmas Wreath with Burlap

My idea in the store was different than when I got home but it worked out.  I started adding my embellishments.  I used artificial succulents and pines, along with some pine cones. It actually turned out better than I pictured it in my head!

Christmas Wreath with Succlents and Burlap

I hung it up on the railing. It made a great addition to my entryway. Here are a few photos.

Large Christmas Wreath

Entryway Christmas Wreath DIY

Christmas Wreath for Entryway

Need some Christmas projects to inspire you?

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