DIY Fairy Garden Houses

Fairy Garden Houses

My daughter and I have been talking about making a fairy garden for the longest time. We finally did it! Not going to lie, but the push was the sale of fairy garden supplies at Michael’s plus I had a coupon on sale items, but whatever! We snatched up two unfinished wood bird houses for $1 a piece plus a couple things they had on sale and went home to make our DIY fairy garden houses.

Time: 30-60 minutes


I let me daughter raid my craft room and she picked several colors for her houses. I let her go to town.

Fairy Garden from Wooden Bird Houses

Fairy Garden Painting with Kids

Fairy Garden Houses Kids Craft

I cut off the hangers at the top and used some hot glue to glue moss all around each house.

DIY Fairy Houses

DIY Fairy Garden Houses

Here are the little fairy garden trinkets we bought. I spent about $15 for all of it including the bird houses.

Fairy Garden Supplies

When we moved into this house a few months ago, there were several pots and half planted plants in the back yard including the one pictured here. We thought it’d make the perfect garden for our fairies.

Fairy Garden Plants

My daughter arranged everything, making changes every 30 seconds. We figured we can change it or add to it at any time.

Fairy Garden Kids Activity

DIY Fairy Garden

Our favorite part is the little gnome. What’s a fairy garden without a gnome???

Fairy Garden Gnome

Fairy Garden Ideas

Here are a few pictures. We can’t wait to add to it and maybe see a fairy or two!

Fairy Garden Ideas- DIY Inspired

DIY Fairy House

Fairy Garden House - DIY Inspired

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