School Auction Basket Idea

Organic Themed Gift Basket for School Auction

My friend Maria volunteered to make the school auction basket for the carnival this year. She decided on an eco-friendly theme. It was filled with gift cards, organic snacks, non-toxic beauty products, and eco-friendly household products. Maria enlisted my help to wrap it up and put it all together. I loved the result so I just had to share this fun school auction basket idea.

Time: 1- 2 hours


To go with the theme, we used recycled wrapping. For the basket we used a cardboard box she had from some pots and pans she bought. I covered it in brown grocery bags. I arranged all the goodies inside. I used another cardboard box inside to give height as well as crumbled brown grocery bags.

Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

I also stenciled and cut out letters from old magazines to make words. I placed them on green circles with a glue stick. You have to be careful because the magazine tears easily.

Gift Basket

On the front we put “organic”. On one side we put “Non GMO”.

DIY Non GMO Gift Basket

Lastly, on the other side, “non-toxic”.

DIY Non Toxic Gift Basket - Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

I used colorful paper to give it pops of color. I fringed green paper for grass on all four sides. It was easiest to hot glue it all on. I also made the paper flowers I love to make. You can get the tutorial here, or the one minute video tutorial here.

Gift Basket Paper Flowers

School Gift Basket Auction Ideas

School Gift Basket Idea

DIY Organic Gift Basket - School Auction Basket Idea

Eco-Friendly Organic Gift Basket for School Auction

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