Upcycled Wire Basket

Upcycled Wire Basket DIY Inspired

You may remember this wire basket from another article – the 90-Mile Dixie Highway Yard Sale.  I found a couple of old wire baskets in an old cotton mill in Rocky Falls, Georgia.  Today I want to share this upcycled wire basket for out pigeon loft.

Upcycled Wire Basket

We finished our new pigeon loft (Lone Wolf Loft).  The side of the building needed a little TLC.  I painted a wire basket blue to match the trim of the building.  I then filled it with plants, added a piece of plastic lattice on the bottom to help hold in the lining and potting soil and hung it on the wall using wire to hold it in place.

Here’s what it looked like before and after with paint and plants:

Upcycled Wire Baskets Before and After

I’ve always heard the cheapest way to freshen up any room is to use paint.  The same might be said for old baskets that go on the outside too.

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