DIY Projects to Add Home Value

Low Cost DIY Projects to Add Home Value

I have written about replacing a light fixture before, but I wanted to share photos of the new light fixtures we got for the front of the house.  The old ones were nice; however they were very rusty and damaged.  Updating your light fixtures is an easy and low cost way to add value to your home, especially in the front of your home for curb appeal or in the entryway because it leaves a good first impression.

Here is the before and after of the fixture by our front door. Hmmm… it looks like our door needs updating too (when does it end?).


We also replaced the light fixture on the front of our house on the balcony.


Instead of writing another tutorial on replacing a light fixture, here are some other suggestions for low cost DIY projects to add home value, especially if you are trying to sell it (I used to be a Real Estate Broker…blah):

  • Focus on other parts of the front entry like, trim the hedges, add a doormat, and add a flower pot.
  • Paint the interior with neutral colors.
  • Add crown molding.  I have actually tackled this DIY project before, and it’s not as tough as it seems!
  • Freshen up the bathrooms by getting rid of water and mildew stains. Also consider updating the vanity mirror with a framed one. Add or update towel racks.
  • Improve window treatments with budget friendly paper shades or plastic blinds.
  • Paint or stain the kitchen cabinets and replace the old hardware.

I hope you found this informative! AND I hope you like my new light fixtures because we bought five more for the back patio.  We are re-doing the patio as well… more to come!




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