Top Tips for Crafters

Clever Top Tips for Crafters

Here are some helpful top tips for crafters to help keep your craft tools organized and in the best shape possible.

Top Tip #1

Pen and Marker Storage: Prevent pen and marker frustration by storing your writing utensils sideways. The ink won’t pool or dry out. And it is easy to find the color you need.

Top Tip #2

Repurpose a necklace holder for your craft scissors!

Top Tip #3

Store paint bottles upside down and make sure the lid is on tight.

Old Frame turned Craft Paint Storage

Top Tip #4

Share Crafts Supplies: Boost your stash and conserve cash by going in with friends to buy in bulk. You’ll have more supplies to play with, without breaking the bank. Or get your friends together and have a supply swap. Bring leftover crafts items you no longer want or need and trade them with friends for supplies you do need.

Top Tip #5

Use an old dresser for tool storage and line it with velvet to keep your tools from sliding. See how I upcycled this old dresser here.

Dresser for Craft Storage

Top Tip #6

Crafts Supply Stash: Make your craft supplies inspirational and functional by arranging items by color. It’ll cut down on planning time and brighten your work space.

Top Tip #7

Make your own magnet storage.

Top Tip #8

If you have a large supply of ribbon, store it so you can see what you have to save money. It’s easy to be at Micheal’s or another store and place a roll in your cart that you don’t need. Here is a tutorial on how to make this chicken wire frame.

Craft Room Ribbon Storage

Top Tip #9

Keep Glitter Under Control: When crafting with glitter, keep it in check by coating a plastic tray with nonstick cooking spray. Any loose glitter will slide right off, and you’ll save more for future projects. — Mackey Stanley

Top Tip #10

Use small candy containers for glitter. To fill it, roll up a piece of paper to create a tube.

Repurposed Tic Tac Packs Craft Storage

Top Tip #11

See-Through Storage: Whenever possible store crafts supplies in see-through containers. Whether it’s bags, jars, or bins, transparent containers let you find what you want without rifling through every storage bin. To keep supplies organized within a large bag, run a line of stitches down the center of the bag to make two sections.

Top Tip #12

Keep paper rolls and wrapping rolls in a basket so it’s easily accessible and easy to see.

Craft Room Storage - Basket for Rolls of Paper

Top Tip #13

Perfect Ribbon: No iron? No problem. Get rid of ribbon creases with the help of a nearby lamp. Simply run the wrinkled ribbon across a hot light bulb to make it wrinkle-free and ready to use.

Top Tip #14

Make your own filing cabinets to keep your paper storage in order.

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  1. An amazing list of tips for crafters. I am a crafter as I honestly found it useful. Especially that tip to store a number of ribbon rolls in the form of the frame.
    Waiting for more useful tips from your side.
    Sending My Support..!!!

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