How to Deep Clean Upholstery

This post, How to Deep Clean Upholstery, is sponsored by BISSELL, but my opinions are all my own.

How to Deep Clean Upholstery

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning time!

How do you keep up with that new sofa or chair look while protecting them from spilled wine, dinner parties, and messy kids?  Vacuuming alone isn’t enough. When we moved into our home, we were very selective with the pieces of furniture we chose. We wanted to mix beauty and functionality. We love our giant couch (Mia calls it the “comfy couch”) and out wing backed dining room chairs. With a kid and consistent playdates, I needed to figure out how to deep clean upholstery like this.

You may have remembered that a few months ago, I used my BISSELL upright deep cleaning machine with the upright cleaning formulas to clean all the area rugs in my home, especially the one in my daughter’s room.


Carpet Cleaning Tips

Since having the machine, I started using it on my furniture! See this little brush?

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery with BISSELL (1)


It works great on my dining room chairs.

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery with BISSELL (3)

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery with BISSELL (2)

How to Deep Clean Upholstered Furniture

I followed the simple directions and was able to get professional upholstery cleaning results and the fresh scent of Febreze® Spring & Renewal™ with the best upright cleaning formula BISSELL offers.

BISSELL with fabreze

BISSELL Professional Carpet Deep Cleaning with Febreze™ is a 3-in-1 formula that removes deep-down dirt and odors, freshens with Febreze®, and contains Scotchgard™ protection to keep your furniture protected from future stains.

I have a few tips when using this product on upholstery:

  • Before you clean, test a small inconspicuous area.
  • Vacuum first to get any loose dirt or debris.
  • Shake the bottle before you fill the tank in your machine.
  • Know you codes! Check the manufacturer’s code and make sure there is a “W” or “WS”.
    • W – Wet Cleaning
    • S – Solvent Cleaning
    • WS – Either Wet or Solvent
    • X – Vacuum only

It also works wonders on the “comfy couch” (as my daughter would say). It also smells great!

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery with BISSELL (4)

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery


BISSELL is offering two product bundles (including a BISSELL Deep Clean Lift-Off and BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning with Febreze® Formula) as a giveaway. You can win a BISSELL Deep Clean Lift Off 66E1 (value: $259.99) and BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning with Febreze® Formula 2515 (value: $21.99) of your own! Winners will be chosen at random.

How to Enter: 

Comment below with your favorite spring cleaning tips. BISSELL will review all the comments and pick two winners! Good luck!

Thank you BISSELL for sponsoring today’s post on spring cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Your Upholstery Tips

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  1. I love that Bissell and Febreeze have teamed up because I’m guilty of running through the house Febreezing right before guests come over (own a dog and cat), but I do use my carpet scrubber at least once a quarter on all carpets and rugs. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to take this time to do maintenance on larger appliances. Take apart the dishwasher to get out all of the yuckiness, same with clothes washer and dryer!

  2. Run a full cycle wash in your washing machine with a pint of white vinegar – all the soap accumulation will be gone! Use 80/20 vinegar-water and make ice cubes. Then dump them in the garbage disposal once a week and grind them up. Your garbage disposal will be sparkling clean!

  3. What a great giveaway! Looks like you’re well on the way to having the cleanest house on the block! 🙂 My fave Spring Cleaning and Anytime Cleaning Tip! Search and Rescue! A quick 5-minute sweep through each room, with an empty laundry basket in hand. Place anything that doesn’t belong in that room in the basket, then put away the stuff that does belong there and transport the basket full of finds to their correct locations! Just like Mary Poppins said, “In every job that must be done there’s an element of fun…find the fun and “snap” the job is done!

  4. Spring cleaning tip: Tackle one room at a time-including carpet & upholstery cleaning before you move to the next.

  5. Dinah was SO kind to let me borrow and test out her Bissell upright deep cleaning machine. I have become obsessed with that machine! I used it in 6 rooms, on 4 area rugs, my two sofas and in my car. The power of the machine is amazing! It’s really light and easy to handle. Super easy to add solution and dump the old. It’s also REALLY easy to clean the machine and all the parts after use. I have rented the industrial machines many times before. I have dreaded it each time because of how heavy they are, it kills my back lifting the tank and having to refill it in my bathtub. The tank is too big to use it in the sink unlike the Bissell machine, you just pop it under your sink faucet. Bissell upright deep cleaning machines are the only way to clean in my home! My spring cleaning tip is to clean your mattress. Clean stains by using an upholstery cleaner. Sprinkle baking soda all over your mattress, leave it to set for a few hours. Vacuum off with an upholstery nozzle. Let mattress throughly dry if you treated for stains before putting your bed back together. Happy spring cleaning!

  6. My tip is clean out your closets, bedrooms, desks, etc and any time you find anything that you haven’t used or needed in 6 months, get rid of it! No use holding on to a bunch of things you don’t need 🙂

  7. Spring Cleaning Tip I start on one end of the house start at the top and work your way down to the floor tackle one room at a time don’t skip around you will feel like you aren’t getting anywhere that way. thankyou, ken

  8. My tips are some of my grandma’s, I start at the top cobwebs and then work down. Do a deep clean and then for 3to 4 months a quick clean will be fine. I do 1 room a day its long but worth it in the end. Use the Bissell machine for a deep clean in every room.

  9. Always begin on the right side of your stove, then move clockwise around the room. The stove is typically the dirtiest part of the kitchen, so ending with it keeps you from spreading dirt and grease. (First, soak drip pans and knobs in warm soapy water. By the time you’ve worked your way around, they’ll be easier to clean.)

  10. My Spring cleaning tip is to use your used dryer sheets for dusting. The static electricity in the dryer sheet traps the dust

  11. Soak orange peelings in vinegar for two weeks to make an environmentally safe cleaning solution for counter tops, glass surfaces, etc. It’s also supposed to be good for ant control.

  12. I myself have never owned a Bissell. My mother on the other hand loved her Bissell. She got it for a birthday present from my father and loved it. lol She always found uses for it in our home growing up. I think one of her favorite spring cleaning things to do with her Bissell was vacuum our mattresses. She loved being able to use the attachments to deep clean them. I would use it to clean the cat hair off my sofa backs if I had one. Thanks Bissell for providing generations of clean! P.S. I love that you have teamed up with Fabreze

  13. Since I live in Dustbowl, Az.. I always vacuum before dusting so the dust doesn’t end up back on the furniture afterward. (It is a vicious cycle though and hilights the need to clean the carpets and furniture even if they dont look dirty!

  14. I use a bath caddy to carry all of my cleaning supplies with me — that way you don’t have to go looking for anything.

  15. My favorite tips for spring cleaning is to make sure your air is clean by making sure you clean your air conditioner and take your vent covers off and wash them with a water hose! That way you are not blowing the dust a grossiness back in the air after you clean!

  16. Spring cleaning… can take days! I like to break it up by rooms… I don’t get worked up trying to get everything done in one weekend. Clean a room and enjoy the rest of the day! Thanks for the contest!

  17. It may be extra work but when i wash my carpet i go in one direction for entire carpet, then go back and do it across a second time (N-S then W-E) it assures me that they got clean. Make sure you do it on a sunny warm day so the carpet dries completely. Adding BISSELL Professional Deep Cleaning with Febreze® Formula 2515 sure would get rid of the pet and Winter stink!

  18. Once a room is freshly cleaned, move furniture around, add a new throw pillow, a cute picture to the wall or a lovely scented candle to make the room look even fresher and new! It’s a great reward for a job well done, too!

  19. When we get a really bad pet stain, we pour HOT water right onto the spot. Then we cleaning solution and pour it in, and using a brush grind it in. Then I vac up the left overs to get the stain completely up.

  20. I rent out a 3 cubic yard dumpster every year and just purge all the junk and stuff . So much easier and refreshing to just throw it in and done…

  21. My favorite tip Is to enlist the kiddos to help and make it a fun event. We like to put on music and have “cleaning competitions”. The work gets done so much quicker and it doesn’t seem like a daunting chore.

  22. My tip is to get your family involved. Everyone made the mess and clutter, not just you so make it a family event and have everyone pitch in and don’t be afraid to make it fun by playing music while you clean. It doesn’t have to be boring.

  23. My favorite cleaning tip is to make a cleaning schedule. I have daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleaning tasks that I write on a dry erase board in my kitchen. A prize like this would make my furniture and carpet cleaning so much easier! I’ve been scrubbing on my hands and knees since we moved in to our new home. It’s become a weekly task with a 2 year old around!

  24. Declutter! Fill up bags and donate for those in need. Cleaning is easier if you declutter first.

  25. Spring cleaning is more than just cleaning the house, it’s a way to lift spirits too! My tips is to spread out the cleaning into small projects, give yourself and/or family members little rewards for a jobs completed. 🙂

  26. Spring cleaning is a great way to purge all the stuff you’ve been hanging on to and making your home feel happier!

  27. Work on your house everyday wither it is 20 mins to a couple hours and you wont feel so overwhelmed.

  28. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to label three boxes for each room: one for things to keep, one for things to get rid of, and one for things that belong in a different room.

  29. My Favorite spring cleaning tips.. clean every room and donate things that were no longer using, Cleaning the floors and taking shoes off before entering so cut grass doesn’t get inside.

  30. My favorite Spring cleaning tips are to use fresh cut up lemon to clean and deodorize the kitchen sink. And, if you have a disposal, to grind up the leftovers in it after you’re finished shining and deodorizing. 🙂

  31. My favorite tip is to tackle one room a day so as not to become overwhemed! If you think you need to clean everywhere in one go you will put it off and not complete the task.

  32. mine is to start one side house and go to the other one room at a time and deep clean everything
    also i use wintergreen rubbing alcohol to get small stains out of the cloth of the car seats

  33. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to make spring last all year round by spreading out tasks monthly rather than yearly, so that you have less to do in the spring!

  34. My best spring cleaning trip is focus on one room at a time. Things seem more manageable if you only think about one space instead of the entire house.

  35. 1. Before you throw out that old box of baking soda to keep the fridge fresh use it instead for cleaning! There are countless ways to incorporate it! 2.We also throw out anything we haven’t worn in the past year. 3. Use diatomaceous earth (food grade) which is completely safe and harmless for humans and pets to discourage any little pests that come out in spring like sweet ants. This spring we haven’t seen a single ant.

  36. I am ridiculous – lol – my shampooer broke so I literately shampoo my carpets on my hands and knees!! Talk about hard work – not for sure how “clean” they get but it at least freshens the floor and house up considering I own 2 large dogs and have a bunch of kids always running around 🙂 Some spring cleaning tips that I do is I make a list of what needs done for each room then just follow the list. I always have a “daily” list I do on a daily basis so I am sure to get that done first then every day I pick at least 1 big project that needs done around the house and do that. With a house full I am pretty much doing “spring cleaning” all year long!

  37. A Spring Cleaning Tip that I keep year round is to keep a basket or a tote at each end of the stair case. When I go up, I take what needs to be put away up there and as I return downstairs, I take that basket or tote. This save me from running up and down or trying to remember what I wanted to take up with me as I pick up on each floor. My second favorite tip is to set a timer for 30 minutes in a different room each day. I just focus on that room and I don’t stress out about it. I am amazed and encouraged by how much I can get done in 30 minutes and often, I go well past 30 minutes! This helps breakdown the scary whole house into manageable portions!

  38. Take it one project / one room at a time. I like to go in a line down my home from furthest from the entrance to the closest.

    Take time to pay attention to details, it really shows in the complete package.

    Don’t hoard anything. Living smaller and simpler is better for the earth, and yourself and your psyche.

    Air it out, no better time to light candles, incense, burners, and open up ALL those windows! Let the air clean the home right out, nothing makes it feel better in my opinion.

    And lastly, make it fun! Play alot of music, games with the family if they are included, and make it go by quicker with a little dancing or playing around.

    Those are my tips!!! I love spring cleaning!

  39. My Spring Cleaning tip is to do it as a team. I either empty out a closet or a drawer, wash everything inside and out, then put back what you really need and either donate or sell what you don’t need.. When I do a room I tip over my furniture and vacuum and clean it thoroughly all the way around, wash the woodwork & floor and then replace the furniture. Washing windows inside and out makes everything sparkle too. Eliminate as much clutter as possible. I put knick knacks in the dishwasher too to get everything clean and dust free. Put a little perfume on light bulbs.

  40. I make sure and use a damp cloth to wipe down everything with dust because my son has a heart transplant he can’t breath in dust so we try to keep it from going in the air. Damp clothes help it from going everywhere. We have 4 cats and keeping the floors clean and the furniture is important to as well as for allergies. I try to start with wiping everything down then vacuuming the floors.

  41. My biggest tip is to start in ONE room and do NOT go into any other room until that one is done! I get a little ADD when I clean, especially Spring cleaning. There is so much to do, so I start running all over the house like a chicken with its head cut off! haha I know it isn’t a “big” tip, but it is really helpful for me. Checklists are good too!

  42. I’m not one to give cleaning tips but one idea is to do something noticeable first for motivation. For example instead of cleaning out your closet wash the rugs or curtains.

  43. I try to spend one night working on each room. I assign big tasks to nights by themselves, like cleaning out a closet or cleaning out all the cabinets in the kitchen. It works for me. Have a great vacuum like Bissell really helps spring cleaning go better/faster also!

  44. I move every Spring so there is a built in deep clean at least once a year. 🙂 I have moved 4 times in 4 years (out of necessity). I have to deep clean before the movers come to take my stuff to the new place so they won’t have an allergy attack from all the dust. This is normally accomplished by cleaning under and behind all of the furniture. I also try to clean upholstery when we get to the new place, but there is only so much you can do with spray cleaner, a scrub brush, and even determination.

  45. I love to have the windows open and music blaring as we tackle every room in the house from top to bottom. We try to see it as less work when we’re grooving and cleaning.

  46. My spring cleaning tip is to start in the bedrooms and work your way around the house one room at a time! Finish the entire room, closets, drawers, fans, curtains, bedding, floors, everything before moving forward! You’ll feel more complete and less chaotic!!

  47. Thinking about starting spring cleaning can be overwhelming. Where do I start? What’s the best way? Instead of saying “I’ll never get this done”, break it into smaller jobs and focus on one room (and one PART of that room) at a time. And when you get finished, give yourself a treat!

  48. Spring Cleaning always be organized. Do the room that is the messes first and work you way from their. Do not clean every room in one day. Do certain tasks during different days of the week. Deep clean your carpets once a week to get rid of dirt and germs.

  49. I love to start the Spring Cleaning by throwing the windows open wide and letting the whole house air out! Then comes the removal of all those ‘hidden’ cob webs and washing the drapes. I love to rent a commercial cleaner to clean the carpets and the upholstery, but what a blessing it would be to have my own BISSELL to use at my own pace! Thanks to DIY Inspired and the BISSELL folks for the wonderful opportunity to have my own great cleaning product!

  50. I work in one room at a time, getting my kids to help with lighter tasks like dusting furniture and baseboards. Carpets and upholstery are cleaned last, after a thorough vacuuming, and I usually call-in a professional to do this last step. It would be so nice to own an easy-to-use machine from BISSELL to quickly finish the job myself —so I can move on to other things, like getting outside to enjoy the spring weather!

  51. Open windows and use natural lemon to freshen the home, especially after a stifling winter! The smell of lemon instantly refreshes the air!

  52. Perfect timing for the article! My favorite spring cleaning tip is to lay a piece of wax paper on top of your fridge after cleaning it. This will help so much the next time!

  53. My favorite Spring cleaning tip crank up the music,have everyone work together in each room or area, it gets cleaned faster with extra working hands and we can laugh, dance, sing and have fun doing it.

  54. Sometimes I feel like cleaning my house with 3 kids is kind of like brushing your teeth while eating cookies but I really do enjoy spring cleaning. It’s such a great feeling! I always begin by washing the windows and screens and then opening them up and airing out the house. I tackle each room separately with a deep clean. Winning a Bissell would be akin to my son winning a lifetime supply of legos – a new toy for me to play with and my house would be clean, clean, clean!

  55. Start by clearing everything out of the way before vacuuming. If it is a closet, donate any gently worn items that you no longer use. Leave a scented dryer sheet in each closet to keep jackets, clothes, shoes, etc smelling nice.

  56. When shampooing the carpet use wax paper, it will protect your carpet and keep the furniture legs from getting wet as the carpet dries.

  57. My best Spring cleaning tip is to take your time and reward yourself after you’ve accomplished anything. Candy is always a nice incentive.

  58. When I do my spring cleaning, I like to open up all the windows to get the stale winter air!
    I prefer to clean with vinegar or baking soda. I also put all the winter clothes away and bring out the summer ones! I the donate them to Goodwill or to Salvation Army.

  59. awesome giveaway . I have terrazzo floors through out my house so I vacuum every night the trick to keeping your house clean is to stay on top of it there is no excuse I have kids and I work also it is a great stress reliever when you get going:)

  60. Oh my best tip is to buy tickets to the ballgame for hubby and kids…and send them off for the day so you can clean in peace! So hard when the kids go behind you and mess it up as fast as you get it clean!

  61. My favorite way to kick off spring cleaning is by taking down all of my curtains, completely dusting and washing all of my windows, washing my curtains with a great laundry booster to give them added fresh scent, hanging the clean curtains back up and opening up the windows to let the fresh breeze blow in and blow the lovely smell of my clean curtains all through my house. That motivates me to spring clean the rest of my house!

  62. That is a good looking carpet cleaner! My couch would be so happy if we won. 😉

    My best spring cleaning tip is to wash your walls and clean your ceiling fixtures. Those things are so easy to overlook, but cleaning the walls with a damp sponge and washing the fixtures with soap and water makes a very noticeable difference in how clean your house “feels”. AND, kids love to help with washing the walls! Give them a sponge with a long handle and they will work happily!

  63. My biggest spring cleaning tip is to get everyone involved. The work goes faster when we all work together.

  64. Try to clean as you go, especially in the kitchen and living room. That way, you will not be overwhelmed with a big mess at the end of the day when cleaning is the LAST thing you want to be doing.

  65. We always vacuum our mattresses and then rent a steam cleaner to clean the mattress. You won’t believe how much dirt remains after vacuuming!

  66. Rubbing a teaspoon of lemon oil on glass shower doors twice a month causes water to bead up and roll off. Or, try Rain-X Original Glass Treatment, a car-care product made to keep rainwater off your windshield. Use it twice a year.

  67. A little orange or lemon peel with some baking soda in the garbage disposal, add water, flip that switch and say goodbye to funky odors!

  68. When cleaning out the windows in my home I always use the following tip: sprinkle some baking soda into the corners, then I poured a bit of vinegar into a cup and poured it into the tracks of the window. Less work and it gets the job done easier!

  69. my spring cleaning tip is do one room at a time, that way your not all over the place and forget what you have done

  70. Challenge yourself to tackle one room or closet each day and then stick with it until the place is looking great.

  71. My best cleaning tip is to be proactive as much as you can. We take one room at a time and get it completely ready. Once done we move to the next room, then quickly check the first. We continue this pattern until all rooms are clean. Once done we do quick checks daily in each room to try to keep i up to par. One thing I have learned is that if you do this…you will only have to spot clean.

  72. My best tip is to tackle one room at a time Its not so overwhelming then I try not to stress over it too much I’m just finishing what I started last year

  73. My best tip is to take it one room at a time. Don’t do it all in one day. Start with one room, have a basket for things that you find belong somewhere else in the house, focus on those items at the end. Then, prepare donate and trash bins, once that is done, cleaning and organizing will be easier.

  74. Break down what you’d like to do into different lists for every day. That way you can stay on track and not get overwhelmed with everything. Plus you get the satisfaction of crossing stuff off the list which makes it feel like you’re really making progress.
    Another tip would be get in a routine what order and how you do the cleaning. I try to keep a schedule of cleaning for each day so my house never gets too bad, plus a big spring/fall cleaning. When the big cleaning comes around I make sure the house is in it’s normal clean mode so I can really see what needs to be done.

  75. so awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite tips for spring cleaning are to deep clean everything, throw out what you don’t use that’s causing clutter or unnecessary mess, and eat right because you’re always more efficient when you feel energized and happy 🙂

  76. To get rid of odors in the disposal, drop in a cut-up lemon, some salt and a few ice cubes. The lemon deodorizes, and the ice and salt clean away residue.

  77. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to clean one room at a time. If I have things in rooms or closets that I haven’t been using I either mark it for a rummage sale and put it in a box or take it to Goodwill or throw it away.

  78. Put trash cans on your list for Spring Cleaning. All of them, indoor and out. Take them outdoors to a flat surface and clean them with a high pressure hose and a strong cleaner. If you have a pressure washer, use it. I put them on their side and against a fence so that I can clean the inside without them being blasted away.

  79. If its a nice day outside, open a window or door if you have a screen. Helps keep fumes down in the house and keeps me from getting overwhelmed.

  80. My spring cleaning tip is to break it down into little steps. I prefer to do one or two things a day for a week or two, then it doesn’t feel like such a chore

  81. When I start Spring cleaning, the first thing I do is open all my windows and doors! There’s just something about a warm spring breeze that gets me in the cleaning mood. One of my tips or “hacks” is to use a pillowcase to clean you’re fan blades, it catches all the dusk so you don’t have another mess to clean.

  82. I tackle one room a day. Once you start, make sure you finish before moving on to your next project. Keep three bins with you when organizing closets or cleaning out a kids room. Label each: trash, donate, other. This way as you you are in one room you can decide which items don’t belong in that room yet keep working while things are being group.

  83. My favorite spring cleaning tip is to start by going through the closets,basement,attic ect… and donate what you don’t use or need. It’s so much easier to clean when their is less “stuff”

  84. Organize the clutter. Throw away garbage. Donate things others can use that you don’t use. Same with clothing. Move furniture and vacuum under and behind everything, as well as dust. Every spring I also clean out my computer, open it and blow out the dust (carefully!) and of course, do this before dusting and vacuuming or you’ll have to repeat it

  85. Save your leftover dryer sheets and weave several into a broom and it makes a great duster for the walls and ceilings.. Spray your furnace filter with Febreze for an easy whole house freshen up.

  86. My Spring cleaning tips would be to work on one room at a time. I usually start in the living room. I take down the curtains and wash them with our throw blankets. Clean all the windows and dust everything. Vacuum your furniture and clean the floors. I use totes while I am cleaning to declutter. One tote is for anything that we no longer need and I will donate to help someone else. The other tote is for anything that doesn’t belong in the room- usually toys and craft items 🙂 I will keep my fingers crossed because I am in desperate need of this prize.

  87. As the mother of 2 young sons, having them out of the house is probably my favorite cleaning prep. I also like to blast dance music to get me moving and shaking while cleaning to make it more fun. Lastly, I post my priority list on the fridge door and cross off each task to help with motivation and reinforcement.

  88. When I start Spring cleaning I start at the top of the house and go room by room. Walls, ceilings, floors, linens, carpets. Everything gets cleaned. One room at a time. It’s a lot of work, but it sets me up with a deeply cleaned house and leaves me free to spend sunny days outside because the hard work is all done 🙂

  89. I move all the furniture and collect all the items that were shoved down and under the couches and chairs. Then I vacuum and steam clean the floors and furniture

  90. Do a little bit of cleaning each day so it doesn’t seem like it piles up. Wipes down the baseboards with a dryer sheet…it makes a huge difference.

  91. My spring cleaning tip is to focus on one room at a time and go from top to bottom. For example, if you start in the living room first you may want to dust off the ceiling fan and light fixtures prior to vacuuming and wiping down the upholstery in case you knock dirt down from above. Depending on the type of ceiling you have, you may want to start by sweeping off or vacuuming away dust that is hanging.

  92. De-clutter, go through each area of your home and make donate and/or sell piles of stuff you don’t need or use anymore. Especially important to go through kid’s stuff and closets. It’s hard to really clean when there is too much clutter.

  93. My tip would be to make sure you have the right tools for the cleaning job you want to complete. Make sure they work properly, then set a time aside to complete the job

  94. My best cleaning tip is to take one room at a time and take a day to do it from top to bottom. You can use one part bleach to 9 parts water to disinfect stuff. Donate anything not used or no longer wanted.

  95. My spring cleaning tip is get the kids involved! Let them go through their toys and give away anything they have outgrown.

  96. My spring cleaning tip is make a list of what you want accomplished. Start with the toughest ones first and work your way through it til you are finished over a period of weeks.

  97. It’s always really refreshing to wash all the curtains in the house come Spring. They get a fresh look, the house is cleaner and there’s less dust! Win-win!

  98. Hello there, my favorite spring cleaning tip is to declutter the entire house and donate items to local charities. I like to clean all the windows and shampoo all the carpets as well as changing curtains and bedding to a spring/summer look.

  99. I love the Bissell product line especially for pets which is where my spring cleaning tip is
    created. We have a St. Bernard,Snowplow who is part of a ski patrol team. Snowplow is a Big Love and wants to be a part of everything.That means he spends a lot of time inside when friends are visiting and is always with the family so we stay on top of the carpets and upholstery with Bissell products of course. It is always helpful to approach cleaning systematically in stages, one room at a time.The innovative designs and ideas Bissell has created presents solutions where previously there were none especially for our bundle of love.The idea of teaming with Febreeze is one more opportunity to combine products for cost effectiveness and time efficiency. Thank you Bissell. Woof! Woof! Rene Chartier and Snowplow!

  100. My best cleaning tip is to make category lists. The categories can be clothes, linens, drapes, books and miscellaneous. Go through each room cleaning them by your list. It seems so less overwhelming when you are going through the same grouping of items than having a little bit of this and that to go through. It is also great for finding things you thought where lost forever!

  101. When Spring Cleaning don’t forget the things you don’t look at everyday like ceiling fans, globes on lights, spiderwebs in corners and your air conditioner vents

  102. My Spring cleaning tip is to try and do a little cleaning everyday instead of trying to do all your cleaning in one day.

  103. Diluted with water, vinegar is a household M.V.P. Use it for everything from laminate floors to chandeliers! Pet friendly and kid safe too!

  104. I like to start in the bathroom, deep cleaning it, getting the worst room finished first. I save the easiest for last, the living room and all its furniture and gizmos, to keep me motivated enough to finish.

  105. My best spring cleaning tip is to have your ducts cleaned – it will make the air in your entire house so much cleaner!

  106. My best Spring cleaning tip is to start with the closets. Before storing your winter clothes, separate them into piles to keep, toss, donate, mend or take to the dry cleaner. Take out your Spring/Summer clothes and go through putting in piles to keep, toss donate mend or take to the dry cleaner. Go through your shoes, purses and accessories and donate or toss those you haven’t worn for a while or are worn.

  107. My best spring cleaning tip is to make it fun. While you are cleaning play fun music that you like and use scented products (or candles, soy melts, etc.) that make you happy. I like to play Hawaiian music and use tropical scents so while I’m cleaning I’m reminiscing of our Hawaiian vacation. It puts me in a good mood and makes the time fly.

  108. I use my used fabric softener cloths to dust. They attract the dust They are also great to wipe down the soap scum on shower doors

  109. My favorite spring cleaning tips are:
    1) Have energy drinks on hand for the boost
    2) Have friends over for the help
    Most importantly:
    3) Have your Bissell products ready to go for the best spring cleaning ever!

  110. open the windows and let in the fresh spring air, it not only gets the old stale air out but the cool fresh air gives you more energy to get through your to do list.

  111. I use old shirts as rags. I start off with cleaning the fan blades and do a dusting from top to bottom, vacuuming last.

  112. Thank You for the giveaway…use the brush attachment on your vacuum to dust the blades of your Ceiling Fans !

  113. This would be a wonderful contest to win. I would love the BISSELL Deep Clean Lift-Off. Thanks for having the contest.

  114. I use the brush attachment on my vacuum cleaner for cleaning my lampshades , wooden blinds and vertical blinds. The brush also works well on artificial plants that hang up high and collect dust!

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