DIY Repurposed Halloween Sign


How to Make a DIY Repurposed Halloween Sign with Flooring Planks

Left over flooring planks are great pieces to use for home décor DIY projects.  One thing I like to make out of them are signs for you front door, like this American flag sign I made for the 4th and this Welcome sign I made for daily use.  This time, I decided to do something for one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  Here is how to make a DIY repurposed Halloween sign.

Time: 30 minutes to an hour (excluding dry time)


This list includes affiliate links for recommended materials I use.


Measure the flooring plank to ensure your stenciled letters will fit.  I got this pretty piece from Bestlaminate Flooring. There may be no need to cut it if you space the letters out correctly. Be sure to measure the height and center the word.  Make markers with pencil if it helps.


Place the stencil directly onto the plank. Use a small amount of paint and be sure to remove excess paint.  You need very little for each letter. Paint in an up and down motion.  Wash your stencils as you go along to keep them clean and dry them. Allow each letter to dry to the touch before you start the next letter.


The possibilities are endless with repurposing a flooring plank like this one. If you don’t have any, you can pick up a box at a place like Habitat for Humanity for a few dollars. Even a box at Home Depot will run about $22 for about 8-10 planks.  You can make one for each holiday!

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  1. If you get paint on the wood where you don’t want it do you have suggestions to remove it without it stripping the wood finish as well? I used chalk paint and it would not come off. Resorted to rubbing alcohol which stripped the finish too.

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