Dance Teacher Printable Christmas Gift Tags


So when I made the Crossing Guard Christmas printable gift tag yesterday, I realized that I forgot about my daughter’s dance teachers!  It’s been a crazy year with work and plays, and the baby, and holiday parties, and so on that I feel like I may be losing it sometimes. We usually bring in candies and a card and since I made one for the crossing guard, I liked the idea and made these dance teacher printable Christmas gift tags as well.

Light blue and red is one of my favorite Christmas color combinations, so I went with that.  I kept it simple.  It says, “happy holidays to an amazing dance teacher.”  I put little toe shoes on the “p” in happy and a little matching tutu around the “l” in holidays. I cut it out, punched a hole and tied it to some small goodies I found at Target. Mia has two dance teachers she will give them to.

You can download the printables here for free:

Dance Teacher Printable Christmas Gift Tags


In case you missed the Crossing Guard gift tag, check it out.  You may also enjoy these other Christmas printables I have made.

Also, check out the short YouTube video I made making the crossing guard thank you card. This one will hold a gift card:

I hope you can use some of these! Happy Holidays!!

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