Fourth of July Front Door Decoration


This may be one of my most favorite patriotic trash to treasure projects I’ve done. I had some left over laminate flooring planks from the repurposed DIY projects I did for Best Laminate.  I made a coat hanger, coasters, and a welcome sign out of them. So, with Independence Day coming up, I thought I’d make a Fourth of July Front Door Decoration for my house.

Fourth of July Front Porch Decoration

Time: Approximately 1 hour


I chose this board. The color is called, Oahu. It has some nice white tones which are perfect for my stars and stripes.

Laminate Flooring Repurposed

I painted the stripes first. I used painters tape to tape them off starting at about a third of the way down the plank.

Upcycled Floor Board

I covered the area I did not want painted with paper and spray painted it red. I let it dry for about 15 minutes and took off the tape.

DIY American Flag Decor

DIY Patriotic Decor

While the red paint dried, I made and printed out some stars.  I cut out the entire page totaling twelve stars.

DIY Memorial Day Decor

I arranged them on the plank and secured them with double sided tape.

DIY 4th of July Decor

I sprayed over the stars with blue spray paint outside.

American Flag Decor DIY

They look like this when you remove the paper.

Repurposed American Flag Decor

Once the blue paint was dry, I lightly sanded over the entire flag to dull the paint a little.

Upcycled American Flag Decor

I placed it by my front door next to the matching repurposed welcome sign I made.

DIY American Flag Front Door Sign

Here are a few pictures.

Repurposed Front Porch July 4th Decor

Fourth of July Front Door Decorations

Fourth of July Front Porch Decorations

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