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Boo hoo! I am so sad that softball season is over.  We had such a great team and an awesome set of parents.  We DO, however, still have the team party to look forward to.  To make it extra special, I thought I’d surprise the girls with these DIY sports team trading cards and keepsake I made.

I thought it would be fun for the girls to have softball trading cards and then they could all trade them the day of the party as an activity and then would have a complete set of each girl once they finished.  I’ll do my best to explain, as I don’t have a printable. You have to design your own cards, but I can tell you the dimensions and materials I used.

Time: Forever (Haha! Just a lot of cutting…)

Materials for Softball Wooden Keepsake:

Materials for Softball Cards:

  • Your Design
  • Brochure Paper or Card Stock
  • Scissors and/or Paper Cutter
  • Ribbon

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Instructions for Softball Wooden Keepsake:

I bought these wooden blocks from Michael’s.  They were only $1.49 each. I measured them at 3” X 5”. I designed the image to be slightly smaller at 4.9” X 2.9”. I first painted the sides and front beveled edges in our team color. Once it is dry, use Mod Podge to glue the image onto the front of the block.

Instructions for Softball Cards:

A standard baseball card is 2.5” X 3.5”. However, since I already designed the card to fit the wooden blocks, I resized the image I had to 2.4” X 4”. This way, I could narrow the margins on my document and fit 8 cards to one page.  We had 13 girls on our team so I printed out 12 for each girl to trade with the other girls at the team party.

Thank goodness for the awesome parents who took fantastic photos for me to use. All I did was look through our team website to find the best pictures for each card. I also printed the larger ones for the gift bags. I hope the girls like them!


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