Repurposed Coffee Cup Succulent Garden


Stenciled Repurposed Coffee Cup

I went on a very successful trip to Habitat for Humanity looking for trash to treasure projects a while ago. I can’t wait to show you the project I’m doing, but that will come later… While I was there, I found these coffee cups in the dollar section. The second I set my eyes on them I knew what I was going to make and quickly scooped up four for $4.00. Here is how I made my repurposed coffee cup succulent garden.

Upcycled Coffee Cup Succulent Garden

How to Make It

Time: 25-35 Minutes


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Make sure your coffee cups are clean. If you want, you can rub the stenciling area with rubbing alcohol. These are the cups I found. They were from a restaurant and the inside lip had the restaurant name inside. This didn’t bother me because I knew it would be covered with soil.

Thrift Store Coffee Cups

I used these adhesive stencils. They work well and make your job easy and prevent bleeding. I stenciled G-R-O-W with one letter on each cup.

How to Stencil

Repurposed Tea Cups

Use a spouncer brush to apply a small amount of paint in an up and down motion. I find that these types of brushes work the best for stenciling.

Stenciled Coffee Cup

You can remove the stencil immediately. One coat works fine. Check the directions on the paint for drying times. For this paint, it needs 4 days to cure, but you can still plant the succulent if you are careful.

How to Stencil on Ceramic

I used this potting soil and planted one mini succulent plant in each cup and watered them.


Repurposed Coffee Cups

A repurposed coffee cup can make a great gift for holiday gifts, hostess gifts, or special occasions or you can make several and line them up on your kitchen window sill like I did!

Repurposed Coffee Cup Succulent Garden

You can also give these away as a housewarming gift, teacher appreciation, or for Mother’s Day! Give individual cups away with the recipient’s initials.

Other Variations

  • Use other words like L-O-V-E for Valentine’s Day or N-O-E-L for Christmas
  • Play around with stencil fonts and paint colors
  • Use vintage teacups and saucers instead of coffee cups
  • Search for glass containers at a thrift store in a similar size
  • Do a similar project but with etched glass

Bake the Mug to Make it Dishwasher Safe

I have a tutorial on how to bake a painted mug. This is a great way to keep the paint dishwasher safe. I have used this technique and it works great! You can check out the post and detailed instructions here: How to Bake a Painted Mug.

Here is the video tutorial as well.

Repurposed Coffee Cup Succulent Garden - DIYInspired

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    1. Hi Haley! Not with these, but I have in the past. For drainage if you don’t want to drill, place a few small layer of pebbles at the bottom of the cup before you add the soil.

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