4 Easy Paper Flower Tutorials

Four easy paper flower tutorials for your home décor, gift wrapping embellishments, or card making.

I love making paper flowers.  I have my craft room stocked with colored and patterned paper, craft punches, tape and glue at all times. This way, I have everything I need to play around to make paper flowers.

Here is a video I made of four of my recent paper flower video tutorials all in one.  If you need more instruction or need it slowed down, below are the links to the original posts with full instructions including video.


Here are some of my recommended materials and craft punches I use to make these.  You can make these flowers with both light weight paper and cardstock. You can even make them with recycled materials like newspaper or magazine pages. These are affiliate links from Amazon.


DIY Curled Hyacinth Paper Flowers

Hyacinths come in a variety of colors like lavender, blue, fuchsia, white, pink, peach, orange, and yellow. Make a paper flower bouquet in any color. You can play around with patterned paper as well. Place a few in a vase for your home décor, or give a bunch or a single flower away as is or with a special note or gift card. These are also great for Teacher’s Appreciation or Mother’s Day.

Here is the original post with step by step instructions and photos: DIY Curled Hyacinth Paper Flowers


Circle Punch Paper Flowers

These are so simple to make. You can make them as big or as small as you like, simply change the size of the circle. If you don’t have a circle punch, you can trace a coin or another round object. I like to make these for cards, gift tags, and gift-wrapping embellishments.

Here is the original post with step by step instructions and photos: Circle Punch Paper Flowers


Four Leaf Clovers

I originally made these for St. Patrick’s Day, but they were so cute that I couldn’t bear to throw them away and have kept them up as everyday décor. With few supplies, including a heart shaped craft punch, you can make a full patch or just a few. Play around with the colors and patterns.

Here is the original post with step by step instructions and photos: Four Leaf Clovers


Pretty Paper Flowers

I have made these for gift card holders, gift bags, and party decorations. I found the small flower punch for the center flower in a dollar bin. Any small paper flower punch will do. You can even cut one out by hand.

Here is the original post with step by step instructions and photos: Pretty Paper Flowers


Here are some project ideas for using these paper flowers:

I hope you enjoyed these! They are all fun, easy, and addicting to make!

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