Eye Chart Wall Art

I love SUPER easy wall art! In the past I have shown tutorials for Letter Wall Art for my kitchen and Scrapbook Bird Art for my daughter’s bathroom. This Eye Chart Wall Art is also very easy, and with my notes, will literally take minutes to complete. It took me a little time figuring out spacing and font size, but I’ll leave you my notes below to make it easier for you to do.

I have seen so many variances of eye chart wall art that you can purchase in several magazines. The thing about doing it yourself is that it’s WAY cheaper and more personal. For my eye chart letters I used our last name, our first names, the dogs names, and words like “family”, “love” and “forever”. It’s up to you on how you would like to customize it!

I simply created a Word document on my computer and printed it on regular paper. Here are some of my notes for this easy Eye Chart Wall Art:

Century Gothic font
All caps
Varied spacing
Black Ink

Line 1: One letter, font 125
Line 2: Two letters, font 100
Line 3: Three letters, font 72
Line 4: Four letters, font 62
Line 5: Six letters, font 68
Line 6: Seven letters, font 36
Line 7: Space, font 12
Line 8: Eight letters, font 24
Line 9: Space, font 12
Line 10: Six letters, font 20
Line 11: Space, font 12
Line 12: Seven letters, font 16
Line 13: Space, font 10
Line 14: Eight letters, font 10

Hope you try it! It makes the perfect DIY gift!


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  1. So simple and clever! Great idea. I love the look of it. I think I’ve seen a generic version somewhere before.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen it in a few magazines and stores as well. That’s where I got the inspiration! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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