Repurposed Barbed Wire Wall Art

Repurposed Barbed Wire Wall Art

Upcycled Barbed Wire Heart

We keep removing barbed wire on our property for safety reasons – four dogs!  We are also finding old pieces of wood.  In wanting to use the wire and wood we are finding, first I made a lampshade cover out of the wire and now I’m using the wood and more wire to make this heart!

Trash to Treasure Barbed Wire Heart Decor

I sprayed the wire colonial red so it would stand out against the brown wood.  Then I made a template of a heart so I would have a pattern to follow when I attached the wire to the wood. I didn’t do anything to the wood except wash it.  I used  old Christmas wrapping paper to make the template.

Trash to Treasure Repurposed Barbed Wire Heart

I used a staple gun to attach the wire following the paper template.  I made another smaller heart to go in the middle of the larger one I already had attached.

Trash to Treasure Upcycled Barbed Wire Heart

But, after stapling the wire to the wood, it didn’t have a nice finished look.  So, I pulled out all of the staples and reattached the wire with small nails.  I already had the “love” sign to hang on the wire.  To hang the sign on the wall, I used another piece of barbed wire and stapled it to the back of the wood.

Repurposed Barbed Wire Heart Wall Art- DIY Inspired

This rustic barbwire heart now hangs in our basement as a conversation piece!

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