Free Elf on the Shelf Printables

Free Elf on the Shelf Printables

Elf clothes, and pets, and clothes for pets are everywhere! Since I’m so gung-ho about this Christmas tradition, I thought I’d put together FREE Elf on the Shelf printables I have made for easy access.  The free elf on the shelf printables you’ll find here are:

  • Elf Sized Monopoly and Twister Games
  • First Day Poem
  • Bad Day Poem
  • Elf Sized Luggage Stickers

Elf Games

I know you’ve heard of reindeer games, but elves like to play games too! All I did was save and resize these images. They aren’t perfect or to scale, but since I used them for my girls, I thought I’d make them available to you too.

Download Elf Monopoly and Twister here.

Printable Elf Monopoly Game

Printable Elf Twister Game

First Day Poem

This is a poem you can print for when your elf arrives. Place it next to the elf with a little treat. It says:

I’m Back!

Oh how I missed you;

It’s great to be back!

I made you some treats,

A sweet little snack.

I hope you like it

It’s one of my faves.

You better be good!

You better behave!


Download the FREE printable HERE: Elf on the Shelf First Day Printable

Bad Day Poem

Most kids have bad days; shoot…most adults have bad days! This poem is one you can print and place with your elf after one of those rough days.

It says:

Yesterday was tough, you had a bad day!

I should have left, but decided to stay.

Please listen to Mommy and Daddy as well.

Be a good kid and your ELF will not tell.

Santa expects the best from us all.

Spread good acts of kindness, none are too small.

Next time this happens, I will not appear.

Today’s a fresh start. Understand me, my dear?


You can download the printable for FREE here:  Elf on the Shelf Bad Day Poem

Elf Sized Luggage Tags

Lastly, make your own Elf luggage with these free printable poems and luggage stickers. Use these if you are traveling with your elf, or for the first day or last day.


You can download the luggage stickers and travel poem and farewell poem here: Travel Elf Printables

I hope you can use these!

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