Gardening With Your Kids

Gardening With Your Kids was originally written for my other blog. Sadly, I had to say farewell to it because it was so hard to manage two! BUT, I still wanted to share this fun post with you, so here it is!

My husband and I decided that we wanted to plant new flowers around the tree in our front yard last weekend.  The existing plants were haphazardly placed and they were mixed with rocks and a lot of weeds.  We decided to take a family trip to Home Depot.  With the help of some gardening experts, we chose some flowers and some organic outdoor potting soil.  Mia, my daughter, helped pick the flowers.  Gardening with your kids can be fun and dirty! Mia was so excited to help, and we let her when possible.


Here is a photo of the tree and the plants surrounding the tree BEFORE.



Using a rake and shovel we dug up the old plants.  We let Mia get her hands dirty and pick out rocks and pull out some small roots.


We used the rake to even out the dirt and remove any other roots.


Next we topped it off with two bags of organic planting soil.


We arranged the flowers still in the pot and played around with the configuration.  Mia loved this part, pointing here and there and making her own adjustments.


One by one we planted each flower.



We let Mia water them.


It turned out great.  Here are a couple AFTER photos.



This was such a fun activity to do with the family from picking out the plants to watering the finished product.  Mia asked to do it again! Maybe we’ll do something in the backyard next!

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